Learn about the Weather in Your Town Right from Outlook

It’s possible to see the weather in your town right out from the Outlook main screen.

To check the weather of your town you no longer need to switch on to a news channel or read the newspaper; all you need is to check up the Weather Bar in your MS Outlook. Yes, you can now learn about the weather in your own town or even of some other place sitting right in front of your system working on MS Outlook. Although, many people remove this useful tool that is displayed in the calendar feature of Outlook, they repent later on and feel like reinstalling it to get the weather updates with no additional efforts. Microsoft has done its best in offering the users the current weather information right on their screen without wasting time to look for it somewhere else. Reading this article, you will learn in depth about this amazing time saving feature of Outlook.

Outlook Weather

For those of you who are still not sure that why they should turn on the Weather Bar in their Outlook, here is a solid reason. Well, would you like to waste your whole day by planning a meeting on a rainy day when you can actually not step out of the office? Well, the weather bar helps in providing you the weather forecasts for a particular day in your own town to plan the appointments accordingly; thereby saving your time and energy.

In case, you are not aware of where to locate this superb feature in Outlook, then let us inform you that it can be seen on the Main Outlook Options Menu. Even if you have removed this feature, you must hang around this menu to look out for some ways to configure it back again on Outlook Calendar. For this, you can simply go to the Outlook File Menu and choose the Options and then open the Outlook Options Window. After this, open the Calendar Feature and uncheck the Show Weather on the Calendar Option. Make sure to click on Ok to save the changes done.

Interestingly, MS Outlook 2013 offers weather forecasts of three coming days but only if there is enough space to display the proper fields required to tell about the weather of the three days. For instance, if the name of the month or the place is long, then the space for weather forecast will be limited and only up to one or two days weather forecast might get displayed. If proper space is available, the user will get to see through proper icons that whether it will be a sunny, rainy or cloudy day; this is not all; accurate temperature in Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit will be displayed on the Outlook screen. The catch here is to mention your city’s name accurately to get the right weather forecasts for it for the coming three days.

So, to sum it up, it can be said that if you have not yet tried this weather bar in Outlook, then now is the time for proper utilization and management of your day. Although appearing to be a small feature, weather feature is very convenient when it comes to plan for meetings and events well in advance, so why ignore it?

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