Learn to Work with Quick Parts in Outlook to Improve Productivity

If you are a busy professional then there are chances that you spend an inordinate amount of time writing emails. Now there are several kinds of emails that you may receive and some of them may include standard responses. For example you may at some point of time include a new service offering to all clients you are normally interacting with. When a standard piece of text can be used in multiple email messages, it is better to save it and insert it on demand. This can be achieved in the Outlook email client with the help Quick Parts.



Adding Quick Parts – The Basics

Before you can even consider reusing stored text blocks, you need to first create a catalog of reusable text. For adding Quick Parts, just perform the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and open a New Email message
  2. Write the relevant text that you plan to store as quick parts
  3. Once the text is in place, just select it
  4. Now go to the Insert tab and click on the Quick Parts option
  5. Of the options that appear in the drop down menu, click on Save Selection to the Quick Part …”
  6. This would bring up a pop up screen where you can place details to name and demarcate the specific Quick Part. Enter details like its Name and its Category and you can even enter a description
  7. Click on Ok and save the Quick Part


Using a Stored Quick Part

Utilizing a stored Quick Part is a piece of cake. When you are composing an email and you feel like inserting a Quick Part just select the place in the body of the email and visit the Insert tab. Next you need to go to the Text group and click on Quick Parts. Now head to Organize and Delete option and from their find the saved part by name. Select the part and Insert.


All templates, Quick Part saved text and even calendar entries are at risk during a PST crash

A PST crash can cause a rather acute crisis scenario for you. Suddenly you may be looking at a loss scenario where everything from contacts, saved templates, quick parts and even calendar entries are no longer available besides your emails. Now if you believe that the Inbox Repair Tool from Microsoft would work perfectly, you may just be in for a rude shock. While it does work in mild cases of data corruption, it success rates in challenging cases is rather poor. What you need is a versatile outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to bring back your data with complete integrity. It is capable of negotiating the most complex PST corruption issues and can also be used to discover the location of a file. It is equally effective in drawing out data from flash pen drives or a virtual drive without any hiccups. Moreover the tool should be the first choices for businesses as it supports batch recovery.


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