Learn to Get More out of Notes in Ms Outlook

The Notes feature in Outlook can be used deftly to assist us in several tasks.

Learn to Get More out of Notes in Ms Outlook
If you use MS Outlook on a daily basis for professional reasons and you are not using Notes, then you are seriously missing out on an intuitive and efficient feature. As the name suggests, Notes Feature is meant to write and save notes in Outlook to organize things in a better way. Since you are likely to be familiar with basics about Notes, it is now time to acquaint you with some more details about this very smart feature.

It is very easy to find a Note in MS Outlook. The best thing about Outlook Notes is that they stay wherever you put them on the system. All you need to use is the Find Tool in order to find a particular Note in Outlook. There might be occurrences when you might misplace a Note in Outlook, so in that case, you first need to Open the Notes or simply Press CTRL 5. After this, go to the Tools Option and select the Find Option or pick the Find Option from the toolbar. You may then see a Look For Box appearing, when you will be required to type the phrase or word related to your Outlook Note. Simply Press Enter once you see select the desired text from a list of options appearing in front of you. After this you will most probably see the desired Note, so just Double Click on that Note Icon to read it.

Now, if you are thinking what if you just want to Read your MS Outlook Notes? Then, worry not; there is a very simple procedure for that too. In fact, reading these notes is easier than writing and creating them in Outlook. The first step involved here is to Press CTRL 5 or Open the Notes Option. You will then see a list of Notes in front of you. Just choose the Note that you wish to read by Double Clicking on it. The moment you double click, the desired Note will open in front of you. When you finish reading it, just close it by pressing the ESC Button.

We now assume that you are well aware of how to find and read an Outlook Note, but what if you wish to Delete or Remove a Note? For this too, there is a set of very easy steps to be followed. Just open the Notes Option or Press CTRL 5 and when you see a list of Notes appearing in front of you, just select the Note you wish to delete with a simple Click. After this go to the Edit Option and finally select the Delete Option or pick the Delete Button right from the toolbar.

It won’t be wrong to state that MS Outlook Notes makes life easier by offering you a smart electronic alternative to the normal paper sticky notes. No matter, whether you wish to jot down your appointments, events, reminders, tasks or queries, Outlook Notes helps you saving information that is important.

An Outlook PST crash can eat away your Notes too in no time

A PST crash can metaphorically eat away your Notes along with your stored emails. The best way to deal with a PST crash involves procuring an Outlook recovery tool like the formidable DataNumen Outlook Repair application. Just use it to select a corrupted PST file and initiate the recovery process. All your data including Notes stored in Ms Outlook would be pulled out safely by this tool from a compromised PST file.

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