Learn to Edit the subject line of a received email

In this article we explore the option of editing the subject line of an email that you may have received.

Learn to Edit the subject line of a received email

Microsoft has done its best in giving you the power to do almost anything in its Outlook. One such power it gave the users is to edit or change the Subject Line of a Received Email Message. Yes, don’t be surprised to read this, but you can actually change the subject line of a received email as per your preference for an easy recall or easy search later through the Outlook Search Feature. Read on to learn some of the easiest ways to alter the subject line of a received email in MS Outlook.

In order to edit the subject line in Outlook, you first need to open the Outlook and then do a Double Click on a particular email message whose subject line you wish to change to open in a new window. Users using Outlook 2003 or the older versions can simply press on Edit and then select the Edit Message. In case, you are using Outlook 2007, then you need to choose the Message Tab and pick the Actions Group followed by clicking on Other Actions and Edit Message. In newer versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013, you will first need to go to the Message Tab and then choose the option of Move Group and select Actions and then Edit Message. Once this is done, simply do the desired changes in the subject line of the email message and close the email. You will be asked whether to save the changes done or not, so choose Yes and Save the changes.

There is another way of doing the same thing in Outlook 2010 and 2013. You will need to click View Ribbon and then select the View Settings. After this just choose Customize Option and pick the View Settings Option followed by clicking on Other Settings Option. Then, you will see an option of Allow In Cell Editing, so just check that checkbox and click on OK. You can actually change or edit the subject line of an email message.

Bear in mind that although it might look as if the subject line can’t be edited particularly in the older MS Outlook versions because it appears in a gray color. But, it still can be changed with utmost ease and the process has already been described above. For users who are still not comfortable in changing or editing the subject line of an email message in Outlook, the other option is to use the feature of Email Tags for an easy search in the future. In this way, you can provide some keywords for the email in the tag and easily search a particular email later on.

So, we assume that your problem of making your email messages more visible through the apt subject line that at once reflects the content in it has a perfect solution now. Use the method described in this article to edit the subject line of the email messages to make them easier to search in future and save your time and energy in opening each and every email message to search for a particular email.

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