Learn to add a custom printer setting for Ms Outlook

In this article we explore the option of adding a specific printer setting only for Ms Outlook application.

Learn to add a custom printer setting for Ms Outlook

Normally, people buy and use printers with expensive ink cartridges to take print outs of photos. However, you may have a recurring need to print emails stored in the Outlook email client. You may wonder about the best approach to save the costly ink in your printer get the print outs simultaneously while working on MS Outlook? Well, this is a major concern for a number of Outlook users these days and we will be dealing with the same issue in this article by guiding you the exact way to add a custom printer setting for taking print outs from MS Outlook.

The best way to save the expensive ink from your printer ink cartridges is to always switch your printer settings to grayscale or black ink. Whether you know it or now, using the grayscale printing settings is the most economical printer settings for email print outs. Moreover, another useful tip in this respect is to choose the double sided printing setting to be more economical in saving the pages as well. By doing so, you in fact also make the page counts less and will have to organize less number of printout pages.

It is important to bear in mind that there is no specific way of controlling the printer settings within MS Outlook but you can do it from the mail Control Panel by following a set of very easy steps. For this you first need to go to the Start Option from your Windows XP and then choose the Printer & Faxes Option. In case, you are working on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to go to the Devices & Printers from the Start Option. After this, simply pick the Printing Preferences and browse through the quality and color settings. There you will see two options including, Print in Color and Print in Grayscale, which will include an option of Black Ink Only.

A key point worth remembering here is that usually the Printing Preferences Dialog Box comes customized with the printer drive that is provided by the printer supplier in order to control the printing settings in a better way. This is not all; in some cases, you will also see an option of Multiple Templates for Printing or Shortcuts for Printing that too to provide the user with more flexible printing settings.

Good news is that Windows gives you the liberty to add the same printer twice. This is mainly to give you the ease to differentiate between software and settings. In other words, with the same printer device you will be able to add and also configure two printers in Windows, no matter which version of the operating system you are using. Whenever you will be printing while working in MS Outlook, you will get the choice to choose between two printers. You can easily pick your desired printer settings on your chosen printer. So, you see how easy it is to custom printer in MS Outlook to save ink and paper as well as time.


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