Learn More about the attachment feature in Ms Outlook 2016

The Outlook 2016 sports a crisp new attachment feature which offers us several options

Learn More about the attachment feature in Ms Outlook 2016

If you were among those who felt the need to improve some features of MS Outlook 2013 version, then here is a piece of good news for you. The upcoming MS Outlook 2016 version is all set to leave you spellbound with its amazing and on top of it improved features like the new Attachment options. It won’t be wrong to state that Outlook is gearing up to overcome a range its previous shortcomings in the form of the 2016 version. Now, you will be able to use the attachment feature in a better and easier way while sending email messages to your contacts. Read on to learn more about the attachment feature in MS Outlook 2016 version.

Whether you agree or not, sending emails that too with some files has become an integral part of our day to day life, even more so, if you are working in a corporate office. What if you have been facing a lot of difficulty in attaching different types of files in your email message and thereby wasting a lot of time? So, at your rescue comes the Modern Attachment Feature in Outlook 2016. Incorporating the Cloud Storage Technology, the new attachment facility in Outlook will tend to save files exactly to the cloud. In other words, it will help storing your files in the cloud storage for primary use while sending emails.

Earlier, there used to be many ways of attaching files to an email, but now in 2016 version, you will notice two main changes. Firstly, the moment you click to add any attachment while composing an email message, you will be displayed a list of most recently used files on your Outlook system, so as to save your time and energy in finding the file you wish to attach because in most cases, a person attaches the file on which he or she has recently worked upon. Secondly, now by default, if a user attached file directly from the OneDrive then the email messages will be sent as links that are shared with others too.

Moreover, the recipient will have the liberty to view or edit that attached document according to the permissions set by the sender. In this way, your mailbox and system will remain clutter free and you will be able to come right to the main point of viewing and using the attached file or link. However, bear in mind that emails links to the attachments will be editable and usable through SharePoint.

Basically, Modern Attachment in 2016 Outlook will work on two main things, namely, OneDrive meant for business items and SharePoint meant for online things. This is what Microsoft is referring to as the Modern Attachment Feature in its 2016 Version. We just talked about one of the key improved features of 2016 MS Outlook, there is a lot to be seen and experienced in it, so stay tuned to learn about the other fascinating features. The main aim of adding this modern attachment feature is to make the best use of Internet while saving time and storage.

Outlook 2016 is unlikely to be clear of PST errors

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