Learn More about Contact Fields in Ms Outlook

As an Outlook user,th you are likely to be familiar with the Contacts feature in Outlook. Normally you can store a whole set of information about a contact, using the several fields available in the feature. Depending on the Outlook iteration you are using, certain fields may not appear as default and you may need to click on the All Fields tab to discover all the available fields. Let’s explore the fields present in the Contacts in detail.


Basic Information is covered in the General Section

At the very outset when you click the New Contact tab, you are greeted with a contacts screen with General section in focus. This tab includes fields for Name, Job Title, and Company etc about the contact and it also allows you to enter the email address and a picture too. Now the section also has multiple fields to record phone numbers along with mobile and fax details. Further you can also enter the mailing address of the contact here.


Head to Details tab in order to add additional business Information

Now if you are looking to enter more information about a contact specifically related to his organization, you need to head to the details tab. Here you can enter his department and even the name of the manager. You can fill his profession along with office details. Moving on you can assign the contact a nickname, enter the name of the spouse and even note the birthday and anniversary. Further this section can also be used to enter details necessary for conducting online meetings.


Certificates can be used to send secure encrypted messages to specific contacts

Some users need to send confidential data too their contacts and in such scenarios they need to encrypt the message. In the certificates section, digital signatures can be stored related to a specific contact for secure communication.


Move to the All Fields tab to discover the whole set of available fields

In many cases you may like to add further information about a contact and this where All Fields tab comes into picture. Once you click on the All Fields tab, you find a drop down list from where you can choose fields as per your need. In some cases you may like to create your own field, say a field to a contact’s photo blog. You can create such fields by clicking on the New option present in the bottom of the screen.


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