Learn How Scheduling Emails in Outlook can come handy

Outlook offers you the option of scheduling emails for delivery at future date and time. In this article we would look at the benefit this offers and how we can schedule emails with ease.

Learn How Scheduling Emails in Outlook can come handy
Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to be the first one to wish a loved one Happy Birthday but you missed it because you slept, when you should have been awake to send an email to wish? This is where the Email Scheduler in Outlook can come to your rescue. Read on to know more about this smart feature of MS Outlook.
Outlook Email Scheduler Feature has been designed to send emails as per your schedule even in your absence. Elaborately speaking, this feature automatically sends an email that you composed on a scheduled date and time, without you even using MS Outlook at that time. Sounds great isn’t? Whether you wish to reply, forward or even compose an email message, you can easily do it through this Scheduler feature in Outlook.
Now, let us throw some light on how to actually make use of the Email Scheduler feature in MS Outlook. All you need is to click on the File tab in Outlook and then go to Options to choose from different options including Auto Send/Receive option to send and receive mails automatically. You may note that by default the schedule for sending and receiving emails is set to half an hour in Outlook that can be easily changed as per your wish.
This is not all; Scheduler Email feature also offers Delay Delivery, in case you wish to delay an email delivery for a reason. For this, you need to go to the Options tab and under it the More Options group, there click on Delay Delivery. After this, choose the Do not deliver before box and mention your date and time of delivering an email message in MS Outlook. Once, this is done, you will be required to click the Send option and the composed message will remain in your Outlook folder till the delivery time mentioned by you.
Email Scheduler Feature is available in almost all the versions of MS Outlook, be it Outlook 2000-2003 or Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. However, the procedures to use it vary a bit in all the versions that are very similar to the ones already explained above. The purpose of adding this feature is mainly to allow the user with more flexibility to send mails as per their schedule. You may also try your hand at some other Outlook Email Scheduling add-ons that even allow you to add automatic attachments to your email messages.
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