Learn How Outlook Can Help Users Interact With SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint isth often recognized for its plethora of collaborative tools that make it possible to jointly work on projects in an effective manner. It is also used to manage information dissemination across corporate networks and manage intranet sites. However in some companies it has not managed to gain the kind of popularity expected out of a platform of its class. The problem lays rooted in the fact that many thought it as a document sharing system and simply did not like the idea of boarding into a different server and familiarizing themselves with the browser based interface. However with Ms Outlook users can have the best of both the worlds, use the comfort of the Outlook interface and harness the collaborative power of SharePoint.


Using Outlook with SharePoint

At the core of using Outlook with SharePoint lies the seamless integration that is possible between the two applications. Microsoft allows you to use both these together in a manner that enhances productivity and response time. For starters you can synch up contact lists and then tally up the project task lists within both the applications. Next you can consider integrating a SharePoint library within outlook which essentially leads to the appearance of the same under SharePoint lists folder in the email client. If that was not all tasks can shared too and apply markers like flags on them if needed. The idea behind using Outlook with SharePoint is simple. You can hope receive an update whenever any content is changed on the SharePoint server. Similarly new content can be added via emails sent right of Outlook and one can even get into discussions through Outlook email.

If you are using a latest version of Outlook email client then you can perform rather complex tasks; from using the Social connector plug-in present in the email client to manage social feeds to sharing RSS data from SharePoint and creating work area for meetings. The capability to use Outlook to modify SharePoint elements can be extended to deal with external lists. In other words, you can by using BCS services directly edit SQL data right of your email client without ever using the SharePoint interface.


Consider Keeping an Outlook Recovery Tool Handy for Emergencies

The Ms Outlook application is rich in fancy features but is bit shaky on its fundamentals. Its underlying PST files can go kaput without giving you a warning and hence you need to keep a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby to deal with emergencies. Even when you are unable to locate a compromised file, this versatile tool can come to your rescue and get back the lost data. Moreover it can extract data stored in Virtual machine disks and flash media drives with ease and without any settings changes. Last but not the least, it recovery ratio is highest amongst its peers by a considerable degree.


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