Learn How MS SQL Server 2012 overshadows its peers

In a world where nearly every business activity imagesis driven by data, the need for a proficient and flexible database solution is quite pressing. The MS SQL server from Microsoft is designed to meet all such requirements and its 2012 iteration breaks several new grounds which leaves its peers well behind. The solution is uniquely suited for medium sized organizations and can also be easily implemented in growing small firms. In this article we would look some of the key features of the MS SQL 2012 which puts it into a league of its own.


  • SSMS offers a holistic view

The 2012 iteration comes with a rather effective Server Management Studio that gives you a detailed and clear picture of different installations that have been initiated on your corporate network. It gives you options to schedule and run typical administrative tasks on multiple installations from one single point and manage the reporting services to meet your needs.


  • Using the Server Agent to Tackle Regular tasks

Database administrators are often involved in running a host of tasks on a periodic basis and these may include taking backups and running certain functions. With the SQL server agent, you can now create routines to handle activities including those which are initiated by triggers. It can also be used to create alerts that are executed when certain threshold levels are reached. With the Agent tool you can create alerts that not just notify you and even run a job in response to a situation.


  • Contained Databases

In any major database implementations the number of dependencies that exist from one instance to another can be a limiting factor while migrating data. However with the help of contained databases in MS SQL server we can quickly move towards the concept of database autonomy and thus save valuable time.


  • ColoumnStore Indexes

The MS SQL Server 2012 unleashes a revolutionary column primed index which delivers exceptional performance benefits. When you are looking at reducing the response time and effectively resolve queries in applications which are simultaneously accessed, this new feature can become the cornerstone of efficacy.


  • The MS SQL Server database is susceptible to flaws and data loss

Despite boasting of a series of class leading features the MS SQL Server 2012 surprisingly seems to be vulnerable to data loss from logical errors and hardware crashes. Now in case you too have experienced an incidence of SQL Server corruption and wish to recover your data we suggest that you try using a specialist sql recovery tool like the DataNumen SQL Recovery. This versatile application is capable of recovering data from deleted records and even NDF files with effortless ease. If you are looking recover a bunch of MDF files in one go then this remarkable tool should be your first call irrespective of the media where the database files have been stored. Moreover the intuitive interface of this application makes it a hot favorite with Database Administrators and the whole recovery process is typically achieved in quick time.


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