Learn How Ms Outlook can be Used by Small Businesses to Improve Customer Loyalty

Retaining customers is a challengeth for every business in a world full of choices. The issue becomes even complex for a small business where it is not possible to keep customer relationship executives or account managers to adhere to every customer need. However with the help of Ms Outlook email client, a small business owner can offer excellent customer support and engage in activities that go a long way in improving customer loyalty. Let’s explore the possibilities in detail.


Use Distribution Lists to Stay in Regular Contact with your Customers

With the help of Outlook distribution lists, it becomes rather easy for a small business owner to communicate updates with his customers. From the hint of a new product in the offing to emails requesting feedbacks, distribution lists make it rather easy to reach out to a designated group of customers with each. Moreover such lists can be categorized to make them more relevant and notes may be added to provide contextual information for your quick reference. Incidentally adding new contacts or emails IDs to a distribution list is rather easy in Outlook and deleting an existing entry too is a cakewalk.


Tasks can be Used to Manage Customer Issues

A key element behind improving customer loyalty involves giving attention to their issues. Now with Outlook, when a customer brings an issue to your reference you can quickly create a task and assign it to an employee. Moreover you can also look at whether the task is being completed in the given timeframe and keep a tab on all issues that are originating. Moreover you can also categorize such tasks created to deal with issues and very soon you would know about the frequency of specific type of issues you are experiencing and take holistic measures.


Calendars Can Used to Schedule Client Meetings and Manage Deliverables

If your business is thriving then at any given point you may need to meet customers for a variety of reasons. With Outlook you can use the Calendar tool to schedule your meetings, send invites to customers and ensure all your relevant customers are duly given adequate attention. Moreover if your business involves regular delivery of services then a shared Outlook Calendar for tracking work can keep both you and your client on the same page.


Caring about your Data Stored in Outlook – Keeping a Pst Recovery tool Handy

The Ms Outlook email client is burdened with a serious flaw, namely PST file corruption. Many Outlook users have over the years experienced sudden Outlook crashes that have compromised their email data. If you happen to use Ms Outlook for all your business communication then it becomes imperative that you remain prepared to safeguard your data and investing in a recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair is a prudent choice.

This adroit tool is capable of bringing back your emails irrespective of where they seem to be located, be it be a flash media drive or a Norton ghost file. Moreover the tool is more than capable of successfully dealing with large PST files that have become compromised.


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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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