Learn about the Types of Wizards available in the SQL Server Report Builder

In any typical untitled1SQL Server implementation, it is important to make sense of the data stored in it. Reports provide us with a handy option to view data as per our requirement and even present it before different stakeholders in a structured manner. Now the MS SQL Server Report builder feature allows you to create reports of various hues using the readily available wizards. Let’s look at them in detail.


Chart Wizard – Representing data in a vivid visual style

The chart wizard allows you to simply structure the data in graphical charts based on your need. Once you select the chart wizard, you need to choose the data set and then decide upon the type of chart you wish to use. For example you can go for a line chart or a pie-graph depending on your need. Next you are asked to arrange the necessary fields and choose a style of your liking. It is very easy to add labels and change the size of the chart.


Map Wizard

In many cases there is a need to represent data on a geographical map. The map wizard can help you plot data and even mark them with specific colors too. For example you can create a map of your country showcasing the cities where there are more customers for your company. Similarly you can plot a geographical map based on sales with cities meeting a certain sales figure colored with blue while those failing below your expectations marked in red. The Map wizard is very important for analysts when they have showcase top level data before the management in an easily understandable manner.


Table or Matrix Wizard

The table wizard is the most basic option when it comes to creating a report based on a specific table. It allows you to represent data from a table in a manner that meets your analytical needs. You can choose both the layout and style of the table report and even make specific formatting changes once the report has been created.  It is also possible to clean up individual cell details and add labels and titles of your choice.


A SQL Crash Can Compromise the Reports that you have created

The effects of a SQL Server crash is not limited to data records and even reports created in it can get compromised along with saved queries and other data structures. Hence you need to actively consider purchasing a sql recovery tool like the state of the art DataNumen SQL Recovery. It is powered by a cutting edge algorithm that can pry out every single data set present in a crashed SQL file with ease. Moreover when it comes to dealing with files affected by a torn page or even a checksum error, the application is always successful. Last but not the least the tool serves as a failsafe for accidental data deletion that may occur due to human error.


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