Know Why the Ms Outlook Email Client is a Hot Target for Hackers and Viruses

Hackers and computer thviruses tend to have an uncanny preference for attacking the Ms Outlook email client for myriad reason. Those of us who have been using the Outlook application in the late nineties would remember the Melissa virus which was directly targeted to grab contact IDs from the Outlook email client. Since then countless viruses have come into picture that are tailored to compromise the Outlook email client and some of them can wreck real havoc. If that was not all, hackers are also targeting Outlook email clients to launch phishing attacks by using links and compromised images. Let’s look at the reason behind the popularity of Outlook with malicious programs and hackers.


Ubiquity of Microsoft Outlook makes it a ripe Target

The Microsoft Outlook application can be found in any machine that has the Ms Office suite. Moreover it is without doubt the most popular desktop email client in vogue today. This ubiquity of the Outlook email client makes it a default target for virus writers who are looking to target the maximum number of systems.


Contacts in Ms Outlook become a source for propagating the virus code

The Outlook contacts folder offers viruses with a ready source of email IDs where it can forward its payload and thus infect more systems. An infected email from a known contact, is more likely to pass through the spam filters and virus writers exploit this vulnerability to propagate their malicious programs.


Emails are ideal for launching phishing attacks

When you receive an email from a seemingly trusted organization, say supposedly from your Bank, chances are that you would look at it. Many novice users fail to check the email ID from which such emails are originated or verify the authenticity of the email. Hackers use this naïveté on the part of the user to include phishing links that direct users to malicious websites that are designed to steal information. Ideally you should avoid clicking on any link that you find suspicious and even consider disabling links in Outlook.


Getting back your Emails after a PST crash can be an arduous task

PST errors have the capacity to compromise your email data and crash the Outlook application. In fact some cases the application may not even start after a restart. Now in such scenarios getting back your data can be an arduous task and you need to use a specialized pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to retrieve your emails. This versatile tool is equipped with advanced recovery algorithms that can tackle the most extensive scenarios of PST corruption with aplomb. Moreover the tool can even recover a compromised PST file saved in a Norton Ghost disk image or even a virtual disk. The tool can also come handy when you are not able to readily track the underlying PST file.


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