Know More about the Calendar Peek Option in Ms Outlook 2013

In the short span of time calendarthat Outlook 2013 has been around it has earned countless accolades from its users. It rich collection of new features like the People Hub and Zoom slider to name a few have made working with Outlook a sheer pleasure. The Calendar Peek is one such nifty addition to Outlook 2013 that is designed to give you a glimpse of your upcoming schedules. In fact it can be stuck on to all the views which means, as long as your Outlook client is open you can keep a tab on your schedule appointments.


Calendar Peek – Key Facets

At the very outset you should know that the Calendar peek can be viewed the moment you bring the mouse cursor over the Calendar tab in the top Navigation Bar. When we look at its aesthetics, the little calendar peek window does seem to gel with the new sleek look and feel of Outlook 2013. The Calendar peek can be dragged and docked to the side pane for quick viewing. An interesting fact that one must note here is that closing the Calendar peek from one view does change its status from the other views.

Essentially the Calendar peek shows the date of the current month in the top and it neatly lists down the upcoming appointments just below it. Now from the dates displayed in the top you can migrate to any date in the calendar and appointments near it would get displayed below. Typically appointments spanning seven days are displayed subject to availability of space. When you right click on the peek window, four specific choices are displayed including Options. In the peek window events can be showed in different colors however the same flexibility has not been retained for all day events that would always appear in gray. Moreover it can only showcase one navigation calendar at any given point of time.


Even the best things in the world has flaws and so does Outlook 2013

The Outlook 2013 edition is already hailed by many experts as a landmark in the evolution of this popular email client. Many see it as the truly defining upgrade where Microsoft has taken the challenge of web based email clients like Gmail head on. Yet this exceptional piece of software still has some flaws and susceptibility to PST errors is undoubtedly its Achilles heel. Now if you are using the latest iteration from Outlook and wish to save yourself from pesky Outlook crashes that can corrupt your email data then you need to invest in a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Capable of digging out all Outlook data elements from a corrupted PST file, this class leading tool is also know for its quick performance. Moreover it can negotiate nearly every media type currently in vogue and works well with flash media drives too.


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