Know How Encryption is Implemented in Ms Outlook and when it should be Used

monAn average computer user may quite innocently believe that the email he sends to his contacts is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone except the recipient. Well the truth is exactly the opposite, as most email communication can be intercepted by interested parties if they have the requisite technology. Now if you are dealing with sensitive business data it makes great sense for you to encrypt your emails before sending them out. This is especially true for people who are in the finance industry and top executives who have to share critical business data. The Ms Outlook client allows you to encrypt emails and its offers a formidable level of protection against most snoopers.


Implementing Encryption in Outlook – A Primer

To start sending encrypted messages to a contact, both you and the contact must send each other a digitally signed email which would allow both of you to add the other individual’s certificate to the contact. Next you can choose to enforce encryption on all messages you wish to send out. To do so perform the steps listed below


  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to Tools
  2. From the drop down choices click on Trust Center and then select Email Security
  3. Next under the choices for Encrypted Email, please mark the checkbox next to Encrypt contents and messages for outgoing messages.
  4. Click OK and save the settings


When should you use Encryption

The choice to use encryption is entirely dependent on your wish to keep a certain information private or your threat perception. However there are several common reasons which can induce you to encrypt your emails. To start with if you deal with your organizations business plans and financial data, you should as a matter of fact encrypt your emails. Similarly if you are working in a high end research or technology industry, you should ideally encrypt your emails. Also if your organization has been at the receiving end of hacking attacks, then enforcing encryption on all company email accounts may be a good choice.


Recovering a corrupted Encrypted PST file may required a special software

A PST file corruption issue can give nightmares to nearly every Outlook user. Now if your PST file happens to be encrypted, attempting to recover it with the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool may not work. You would ideally need a specialized pst recovery tool like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application which has the proficiency to deal with encrypted files. It can bring back all your emails along with other data including distribution list and journal entries in quick time. Further the tool can even be used to recover data from a messed up ISO image file or a Windows NT backup file. Moreover if your recovered file seems to be trifle large for your liking, you can neatly split it up into small parts with this versatile application.


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