Know about common incidents and actions that can cause PST errors

Outlook PST therrors have a very sinister reputation amongst Outlook users who have experienced them. Horror stories of data loss to missing out on personal settings are some of the common side effects of a PST error related Outlook crash. While PST errors can be dangerous there is no apparent reason to fear them, if you keep a recovery application handy. However if you are aware of certain scenarios which cause them, you can possibly avoid them from occurring. Let look at some incidents and possible actions that can result in PST errors.


A Large PST file is inherently unstable especially if you are using an older version of the Outlook application

Those of us who have been using Outlook for over a decade remember those days when an Outlook PST file reaching the 2GB size would immediately get unstable. A large PST file in older iterations of Outlook is a sure shot recipe for PST errors and it should be judiciously avoided. Even in cases of newer iterations, a large PST file, running into few gigabytes is more susceptible to flaws than a one which is more compact.


Improper Shutdowns and Related Logical Errors

Instances of power outages or improper shutdown can trigger a logical error that can mess up the Outlook PST file. In some cases if a forced shutdown of the Outlook application is executed, PST errors can be noticed.


Storing Data on a Network Share Drive

If you are saving an Outlook PST file on a Network drive, chances of it getting corrupted are quite high. Even Microsoft explicitly urges users to avoid network drives for storing PST files.


Backing up a PST file while Outlook was in use

Imagine a scenario where the PST file is in being backed up while Outlook is downloading emails into the Inbox from the server. A possible conflict is not difficult to guess and PST errors arising out of such incidents are quite common.


A Powerful Third Part Recovery Program is your Best Option against PST Errors

A number of users who encounter an Outlook crash turn to the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool to correct the situation. However the success rate of ScanPST.exe is rather limited and one cannot rely on it to deal with tough challenges. Your best option against PST errors lies in using a powerful pst recovery like the avant-garde DataNumen Outlook Repair application. It boasts of an advanced recovery engine that can dig out data from the most thoroughly messed up PST file while covering all data points; from contact lists to calendar entries. In case of a situation where the corruption lays in previously backed up PST files, the application can bring them back irrespective of whether they are present on a flash drive or an optical media. If that was not all the tool is a pleasure to use and even the most basic computer user would find it a breeze to operate.


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