Kill Pesky Meeting Request Spams Right Now!

We’ve known how to block junk emails. Thus clever spammers create a new way to attract our attentions – sending meeting request to us.

In the digital age, email marketing has swept around the world. Therefore, we have learnt to block junk emails. But we cannot prevent the spammers, who have opened up a new way to promote their products and events – sending false meeting requests. In worse cases, they will create appointments in calendar automatically. Sometimes, these appointments may take with reminders, which will disturb us by due time.

Now that we are extremely vexed at meeting request spam, why not reject them? Here is a simple ways to inhibit them.

Creating Rules to Delete Meeting Request Spams

  1. For a start we should locate and click “Rules” in “Move” Section. And select “Manage Rules & Alerts” option.
  2. In a popup window of “Rules & Alerts”, click “New Rule” to create a rule.
  3. In “Rule Wizard”, select “Apply rule on messages I receive” and click “Next”.
  4. In Step 1, select “uses the form names form”. Then in Step 2, click on “form names” in blue, which will open a new dialog.
  5. In the dialog of “Choose Forms”, click “Personal Forms” to locate and select “Application Forms”.Choose Meeting Request
  6. Then we should pitch on “Meeting Request” and click “Add->” in center. And then click “Close” to return to “Rule Wizard” window and click “Next”.
  7. In Step 1 select “delete it” and click “Next”.
  8. Next in case of deleting the meeting request messages we need, we should pay attention to the exception settings. We can select “except if from people or public group”. And later choose specific contacts or contact groups.
  9. Finally click “Next”, “Finish” and “OK” to save the rule settings.

Configuring Outlook Not to Add Appointments to Calendar Automatically

This rule will refuse meeting request spam directly. But if we can bear them, configuring Outlook not to add appointments to calendar automatically will be a better choice. We could go to “File”, “Options”, “Mail”, and finally “Tracking” to find the item “Automatically process meeting requests and …”. Just untick it, and appointments won’t be created automatically.

Configure Outlook Not to Add Appointments to Calendar Automatically

Utilizing Repair Tool after Outlook Crashes

In the process of receiving various spams, Outlook is very vulnerable to virus infection and malware assaults. No one can guarantee that those junk emails do not carry viruses. Once attacked by them, Outlook will be confronted with a severe crash. Under this circumstance, what we should do immediately to restore our archived Outlook files. If without any backups, we would be required to utilize some powerful repair tools for Outlook recovery, such as DataNumen Outlook repair. By it, we must be able to retrieve Outlook data with least loss and corruption.

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