Keys to Safe Data

The useful properties of a modern database far exceed those of the past and are growing by the year. Such growth has proven to be beneficial to business owners and consumers alike, with what were once time consuming file work and research having been reduced to minutes of software work. Despite the awesome new developments in database tools and capabilities, critical new challenges have arisen in the fight against data degradation and damage. Following these safe data guidelines can help ensure the safety of your stored information.

The best defense has been said to be a good offense, and this saying extends to the world of software protection. Modern computing systems are often shipped with a host of powerful protection tools, platform-tailored to meet specific hardware and software needs. When a machine or large percentage of a server is dedicated to preserving the fidelity of large quantities of data however, new security concerns appear and specific software tools should be added to reduce the danger of a malware intrusion. One specific program to have installed, or failing that, to quickly install in the wake of a software crisis is this industry-leading program to recover sql by Datanumen. It reorganizes affected SQL code to repair database documents. Other tools that exist to enhance the security of a database include password access tools that limit database availability to only critical users, tracking applications to determine how information is edited and viewed and seee where these edits come from, and a host of other significant applications.

Other ways of increasing the effectiveness of your databases include employing modern construction techniques and software in order that your databse runs effectively and quickly. Ways of attaining this include saving all longterm, rarely accessed data is stored in a standardized “zipped” or compressed condition in order that program speed isn’t prevented from maxing out by large unwieldy files. Most database software will have options for setting the storage protocol followed when documents are saved. Editing these to the right specifications can maximize the effectiveness of your hardware and is a simple way to boost ease of use.

With a little thought you can create a lean and functional database, and with the proper outside applications installed you can guarantee your data against almost any threat.

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including word recovery, excel repair, outlook repair and sql recovery software products. For more information visit

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