Key Usability Improvements in the Ms Outlook 2013 Iteration.

Upgrading to the thnew Outlook 2013 edition was a sheer delight for me and my colleagues at my office. For long we have been using the Outlook 2007 edition and the direct jump to the 2013 edition has been remarkable. Not only has the productivity increased, we now have the option to connect with our stakeholders across different platforms including social networks through Outlook. When it comes to usability improvements the 2013 edition is earning kudos all across the world. Let’s look some of its well received features.


View the Initial Few Lines of the Message with Subject Line

Microsoft seems to have given a great deal of thought in rolling out usability improvements in Outlook 2013 and its message preview is a stellar example of the same. It basically shows you first few lines of an message along with its subject line, thereby allowing to focus on an email or ignore it based on its contents without even bothering to click on it.


See all the Unread Emails at One click

In earlier editions of Outlook, the application mentioned the number of unread emails. For example it would show 8 unread emails and it would be the sum total all unread emails placed in different folders. You would have to explicitly click on the Filter to view them together. In Outlook 2013 you get a large Unread button sitting pretty on the top of your Inbox and it displays all the unread messages in one single click.


Change Text Size by Simply Dragging a Slider

In most cases, the text size associated with an application needs to be adjusted with the individual resolution of a system. It is typically done manually by changing the font size. However in Outlook 2013 you can just use the zoom slider to adjust viewing specifications to your satisfaction. Once you zoom something, everything including text gets adjusted in one go.


A Whole Bunch of Themes

The new Outlook edition has a whole set of theme templates that you can use as per your mood. Many of these themes are aesthetically designed and you can match them with color scheme that you prefer. The overall look and feel of the application too synchs with the provided themes.


Unfortunately Even the Much Vaunted Outlook 2013 is susceptible to PST Errors

Given the extent of new features and improvements that Microsoft has made in its flagship email client in the 2013 edition, one would have expected that PST errors were a thing of the past. Unfortunately this sleek new edition has the same old vulnerability and it is prudent for you to keep a pst repair tool like the reliable DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby. With the help of this proficient recovery tool, you can always get back your data in the event of an Outlook crash irrespective of the media type where your files are located. Moreover the tool is designed work with large files exceeding the 2GB limit and is equally effective in recovering any temporary files that got created by Outlook before the application crashed.


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