Key Tips to help you carry out an access repair within minutes

Errors in Microsoft Access registry can occur due to various internal and external factors and is a common problem in Windows systems. When the MDB file which is associated with Microsoft Access becomes infected you will not be able to open and view objects that are in the database. Whenever such error occur the only option remaining is to carry out a quick and effective access repair process in which you can recover all the data.

A corrupt Access file is one of the most common problems any Windows user may face at some point of time. There are various symptoms and errors that will appear whenever information stored in the Access file becomes corrupted. Some symptoms include, #Deleted appearing in certain records when you try to open them. Other error that may occur in such cases includes:

“Records can’t be read, no read permissions on My Database

The database engine ‘Microsoft Jet’ which is used in Access is a file sharing database. Whenever it is used in a multi-user environment, multiple client operations take place in the shared database. This is also one of the primary reasons for Access registry to become corrupt and if such a thing occurs you have to run access repair programme with either the integrated “Compact and Repair” utility in Access or take the help of a third party software like “DataNumen Access Repair” to recover all the files.

The MDB files which stores all information in Access gets corrupted mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Interrupted write operation: This means if Access is not closed properly there is an increased chances of the file becoming corrupt. It is therefore important to quit Windows programmes first before turning off the computer. You can do this by clicking on ‘Exit’ or ‘Close’ on the ‘File’ menu.
  2. Faulty network hardware: Corruption of MDB file can also occur if one or more links in the hardware chain resides on while the database is open. This includes hardware items like network interface cards, routers, network cabling and hubs. If corruption occurs due to hardware reasons the recovery through compaction is not possible and you may require taking the help of third party software.
  3. Opening and saving the .mdb file in another programme: If an .mdb file is opened and saved in a different programme it is sure that the file will become corrupted. If the file becomes corrupted due to this reason there is no way of recovering the data apart from taking the help from third party software.

If your Access database went corrupt due to any reason the first step for the access repair process is to take a back up of all the important files before running any recovery programme. To recover data from a damaged database table first re-create or paste the ‘structure only’ of the damaged table to a new table. On the damaged table click ‘View,’ then ‘Datasheet View’ and then copy all the records and paste it in the new table.

After this process you can run the ‘Compact and Repair’ utility but note that this tool may not repair all information in the registry like tables, forms, macros, queries, reports, modules, relations, the referential integrity, primary and secondary indexes and field properties etc.

It is therefore necessary to take the help of external software like “DataNumen Access Repair” which can solve your entire problem.

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