Key Steps to follow when Ms Outlook application refuses to start

While the Outlook email 捕获client has a stellar reputation as a highly refined communication tool, it has always been a bit weak on robustness. A host of errors can plague the Outlook email client and in some cases it may simply refuse to start. Now if you experience the misfortune of an Outlook client that did not start, you may even suddenly find yourself bereft of all the critical information stored in the mail client. So if you are looking to find a way out of such a mess then read on as we help you to get your Outlook mail client back on track.


Step 1: Restart the system and start outlook in the safe mode

To start with you can simply restart the system and start outlook in the safe mode. You can do it by simply typing in outlook.exe /safe in the Start Search/Run box. Alternately you can press “Cltr” and launch the Outlook application by clicking on its shortcut. In some cases where add-ins or simple logical errors were the cause of the issue, starting the application in safe mode resolves the problem.


Step 2: Try downloading the Microsoft Fix it tool

However if the problem persists you can try downloading the Microsoft Fix it tool to rectify the error. In many cases, corruption of Navigation pane settings can stop the Outlook application from loading and the Fix it tool can alleviate the problem in quick time. However you can manually resolve the issue by entering the Outlook.exe /resetnavpane command in the run/search box of the Start window.     It basically places back the default settings for the navigation pane and brings it back to working order.


Step 3: Use the Scanpst.exe application

The problem may still exist after you have tried out the above procedures and its persistence indicates that the issue may relate to corrupted .pst files. In order to check and repair the suspected .pst files you can use the Scanpst.exe application which gets installed with Ms Outlook application. At first you would need to find out the location of the Scanpst.exe file and then enter the path of the suspected file along with its name into it. Once the files are checked and repaired, you can create a new outlook mail profile and import the recovered .pst files. As a precaution, please do remember to check you backup .pst files too. 


In many cases you may find the Scanpst.exe unable to perform a complete recovery of corrupt .pst files. Complexities of size, extensive damage and tricky logical errors are often beyond the capability of the tool to repair and in such cases you need to use a cutting edge outlook repair tool.  Of the few effectual personal storage repair utilities that you can find today, the DataNumen Outlook repair stands head and shoulders above its peers. It is proven to have the highest success ratio in extracting contents of a compromised .pst file and it can even negotiate large files with ease. Moreover its intuitive interface and state of the art algorithm makes it’s the preferred choice for most system administrators.


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