Key Features that SQL Server 2016 will Roll Out

The SQL Server 2016 version is round the corner – here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect

SQL Server 2016Recently, Microsoft released a sneak preview of its upcoming SQL Server 2016. This updated version will be packed with an array of interesting new features. This version is not meant only for Azure but it is an attempt to move towards both Azure SQL Database and SQL Server; meaning this time there will be a lot of room for changes to be made in a more updated version. Reading this article, you will get in depth knowledge about some of the key features to look forward in SQL 2016.

  1. Polybase: Polybase is expected to be a revolutionary feature in SQL Server 2016 that will act as a SQL Server connector to connect with already popular Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage to the data warehouse Analytics Platform System that was launched in 2015. The main advantage of using this feature will be an ease in dealing with all kinds of large text files that need to be stored in Hadoop or Azure Blog Storage.
  2. Stretch Database: Another happening feature added in SQL Server 2016 is the Stretch Database with which Microsoft is trying to decrease your storage and the related processing costs. With this feature, some portions from your tables will be separated into Azure SQL Database in a cloud. The smart query optimizer will then automatically figure out which tables are in the stretch database and which are not.
  3. JSON Support: We have already talked how the new SQL Server 2016 version will support Hadoop; now we wish to reveal that this time this updated version will come packed with JSON or Java Script Object Notation Support as well.
  4. Query Store: This will be a new feature introduced in SQL Server 2016 and as the name suggests, it is meant to solve the query of a number of organizations that face problem while upgrading to a new version of SQL Server. With the new Query Store Feature, you can easily keep a history of all the query execution plans along with their performance data in order to identify the query in a faster manner. This new feature is going to be configured initially at the individual database level.
  5. Row Level Security: A common complaint found earlier by SQL users was its low level or no row level security or RLS. Now, thankfully, Microsoft has dealt with this problem too by adding a stringent Row Level Security Feature in the upcoming SQL Server 2016. This feature will make this database workable in multiple tenant environments with limited data access depending on the customer’s ID.

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