Key facts to keep in mind while selecting a zip repair tool

When it comes to sending large amounts of data, the zip archive format is a preferred choice for most computer users. Besides compressing your files, zip archives can also be used to securely transfer data across the internet or be kept for download on websites. However the increasing popularity of zip files has also brought to light its myriad failings which range from header corruption to archive errors. Given the fact that most of you have already encountered a corrupted zip file, it might have always occurred to you to get hold of zip recovery tool. Let’s look at some of key facts you need to consider before you get a zip repair tool.

Interface and ease of use

A number of zip repair tools available in the market were originally designed for professionals and thus they focused on functionality rather than ease of use. So before you purchase a zip repair tool you need to need check out its interface and evaluate if you can quickly achieve the recovery. It would be rather prudent for you to leave aside the command line repair zip tools as they are often too cumbersome to use for average users. Moreover you also need to check whether the interface supports drag and drop operations.

Capacity to fix incorrect CRC values and deal with large zip files.

While a number of zip recovery tools claim to fix incorrect CRC values, a very few in fact successfully achieve the same. It is always prudent to download the trial version of the recovery tool and check whether it can fix incorrect CRC values with ease.

Next you need to look at its capacity fix zip files that are larger than 4GB in size. Even though you may not have an immediate need to recover a large zip archive, it is always better to invest in a recovery tool that comes loaded with advanced functions as you never know the kind of zip recovery need you may experience in future.

Batch Recovery

If you are looking to purchase a zip recovery tool for your business, it is imperative that you go for a recovery tool which offers batch recovery of corrupted zip files. System support specialists in offices are typically called upon to recover data from old media disks and flash drives which may typically contain numerous zip files. A batch zip recovery tool can significantly easy your work and save a great deal of time

Now that you are largely aware of the key facts that you need to consider while going for zip recovery tool, it would be prudent for you to check out the DataNumen Zip recovery tool that offers all the above features and that too at an affordable price.  It has the capacity to quickly scan and recover corrupted zip files from different media types and offers a neat and intuitive interface. Last but not the least; it can also be effectively used as an ediscovery tool.

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