Key Business Functions where Ms Access can be used in a Small Business

The Ms Access thapplication which ships with the Ms Office software suite is typically available with nearly every other small business. While the presence of the software is rather widespread, many small businesses fail to take advantage of this powerful application since they cannot figure out where it may be useful. Instead they resort to using spreadsheets in several areas where a relational database would be the perfect choice. In this article we would look at business scenarios where an Ms Access database can prove handy.


Maintaining financial data in an Access database

Small business need to keep a track of their financial data and to do so they normally resort to using a spreadsheet or invest specialized financial software. Both the choices have drawbacks; when you use a spreadsheet you end up having limited flexibility while a specialized tool would cost a tidy sum. Using a Ms Access database allows you to interlink financial data with client lists and other business entities with ease without making a dent in your pocket. Further data from an Access database can be exported easily into other applications for analysis if needed.


Building your Customer Relationship Management system around Ms Access

Using an Ms Access backend you can quickly create a small but effective customer relationship management system. The application allows you to create distinct input forms tailored to your need and retrieve data with handy reports. Incidentally you can create modules that alert you when a certain activity is due and even send out emails through Outlook.


Keeping a track of your inventory through Access

For shops and small businesses that need to maintain an inventory list, Access can come across as a boon. You can link products to their category types, create alerts when an inventory stock comes below a threshold level and even assign different access rights for people who manage your procurement activities. A whole array of inventory related information can be stored in Ms Access while avoiding data redundancy and queries can created to retrieve specific information in quick time.


Be Proactive in protecting your data stored in an Ms Access Database

The data stored in an Ms Access database remains vulnerable to several issues arising out errors associated with the application. Irrespective of the cause behind a Ms Access crash, the data stored in it is always potentially at risk. Given the scenario one needs to be proactive in protecting their valuable data and keep an access repair tool like DataNumen Access Repair handy. Designed to tackle the most strenuous incidents of MDB corruption, this versatile application can recover the compromised data without breaking a sweat. Whether your MDB file is located on an optical disk on a backup archive, the application can assuredly get it back without losing out on any data element. Moreover it is capable of tracing out MDB files which do not show up in the Windows explorer in their usual places.


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