Key Benefits of Using Power BI with SQL Server

In this article we will explore the key benefits of using Power BI from Microsoft with SQL Server Database

Power BIYou may not be aware of the fact that Microsoft was providing BI or Business Intelligence since a long time in its SQL Server but this time in the latest 2016 SQL Server Version, its offering the Power BI that comes packed with features that were missing in the earlier versions. Power BI is now capable of presentation layer technologies like OLAP or Online Analytical Processing and other similar additions like the Excel Pivot Tables to simplify the multi dimensional analysis. Reading this article, you will come to know about the key benefits of using the Power BI with SQL Server 2016.

Uses of Power BI

It can be stated that Power BI is an attempt from Microsoft to provide user generated, self service BI analytics or agile data analysis in the latest cloud technology for sharing and collaboration. Using the Power Query as the primary tool, the Power BI in SQL Server 2016 helps in extracting and transforming data. Then, there is Power View and Map for visualizing the data. Power Pivot on the other hand is meant for modeling and analyzing. Lastly, there is Power BI Designer that helps consolidating separate tools in one application and removing the dependencies on the old MS Office and Excel.

Benefits of Power BI

Now, let us throw some light on the key benefits of using Power BI with SQL Server 2016. Firstly, it’s Q&A or the Question and Answer function helps achieving BI self service. Secondly, Power BI helps putting the business intelligence in the hands of the analysts for extracting the main data and transforming or manipulating it for publishing the result reports. Third major benefit of using Power BI is that if offers an innovative pace that gets updated on a monthly basis. Another advantage of using Power BI is that it provides interactive geo-map dashboard visualization that comes empowered by Bing Maps. On top of it, this feature incorporates the Power BI technology to support tabular data-store structures and maintain a balance between the ease of usage and performance. Apart from this, the DAX or the Data Analysis Expressions Scripting Language used in Power BI is simply constructed for an ease of use and it is quite similar to MS Excel. Lastly, this smart feature of SQL Server 2016 comes freely to reduce different acquisition hurdles.

Power BI Analysis Services Connector

The main purpose of this connector is to enable you to query data in an interactive way from the on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services. You must also know that this connector is in fact a proxy agent or client that must be installed on your machine to facilitate the interesting behind the scenes communications of a user in Power BI with the on-premises Analysis Services.

So, to conclude, it can be stated that Power BI is a revolutionary feature of SQL Server 2016 that aims to boost business performance for small to medium sized business. The best part about this feature is its smart visualizations or charts that are often linked together to get deeper insights about the business.

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