Key Benefits of Sharing Calendars in Ms Outlook

In a challenging business environment managingCalendarSync-NoFrame-277x300 teams can be a difficult task. Imagine a situation where you need to schedule an one to one counseling session with all your team members over the week. Trying to set schedule with each one of them can be prove be a herculean effort if you do not have a secretary at your disposal. However, if you could share your Outlook calendar with your team, then they could book a time slot in your calendar and meetings could be easily scheduled without much effort. Let’s look at how you can go about sharing your Outlook calendar.


How to Share an Outlook Calendar over email

One of the simplest ways to share a calendar involves distributing it amongst contacts via an email. To do so you need to first go to the Share tab under the Home group and then click on the Email calendar. Next you need select the calendar you wish to send from the Calendar box and choose the date range you wish to display. Then make you preferences and just send it as email to a contact.


Sharing Calendars over an Office Network that uses Ms Exchange

In most offices the Outlook application is used in conjunction with the Ms Exchange server. If you have the platform available in your office then you just need to go the Share group and choose the Share calendar option. In the invitation option that appears on your screen, just choose the contacts with whom you wish to share the calendar with. The Ms Exchange server provides for dynamic updates to the shared calendar and everyone who can view the calendar can view any change in schedules.


Outlook Calendars Can even be Published Online

Outlook calendars can also be published online with ease if you have an account on All you need to do is just save the calendar as an iCalendar file and import it in Technical advanced users who have access to a WebDAV server can also look to publish their calendars, provided their ISP supports the protocol.


An Outlook Crash can jeopardize the data Stored in the Outlook Calendars

The Outlook application is much more than a simple email client. In fact it is often considered as a productivity tool and even customer management system by some. However for all the laurels this class leading application has gained over the years, it still remains acutely susceptible to PST errors. An Outlook crash can quite easily put your emails at risk and at the same time other Outlook data like calendars and notes too may go missing. Given the scenario if you have a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around, you can hope to get back your lost data in a jiffy. Moreover this versatile program comes rather handy as an e-discovery tool and can also be used to split large PST files with ease.


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