Keeping Away from Phishing Attacks in Ms Outlook

The World Wide Web Social-Network-Phishing-Attack1has turned into the hub of commerce and quite logically crime too is not far behind. Using the internet malicious individuals are always looking to compromise your data and siphon away every possible element from money stored in bank accounts to your personal image collection that can be used latter for blackmail. Emails seem to have become the favorite tool for phishing attacks. A lot of people have received emails that claim to originate from their banks and ask them to login into a legitimate looking page and fill in their details. Similarly emails containing forms too are being used to launch such attacks and compromise your privacy. However if you are using the Ms Outlook application, you can easily ward off such threats.


Disable Links in Email Body of Junk Emails

At the very outset you should disable links appearing in the email body in Outlook. To do so you need to click on Actions in the toolbar and then click on Junk Email. Next click Junk Email Options and in the subsequent screen, in the options tab, check the last choice which mentions “Don’t turn on links in messages ….”


Consider Disabling Image Downloads

With a host of malicious viruses making their way by hiking on their payload on an image file, it is anyways a good idea to block images. Also phishing emails contain linked images that take you to phishing sites that mimic certain other websites. To disable image downloads you just need to click on Options which comes under the Tools in the Outlook menu bar and move to the security tab. Here click on “Change Automatic Download Settings” and in the screen that opens up uncheck the primary box that allows download of images


Block Email IDs associated with Messages that seem to carry Malicious Content.

If you notice any email that contains messages or attachment that seem to be suspicious, simply block those email IDs from which these emails are sent from. Be careful of messages that mention that you have won a lottery to ones that claim a Nigerian prince wants to contact you; all such email IDs that send dubious emails should be blocked immediately.


The Valuable Data Stored in your Ms Outlook Email client is susceptible to rancid PST errors

Most advanced Outlook users are on their toes whenever they encounter an Outlook PST error message. It is a sure sign that the underlying data files are experiencing stress or have got compromised. PST errors can technically crash your email client and all the encompassed data can become inaccessible. To avoid a scenario where your valuable emails seem to have vanished into thin air, investing in a pst repair  tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair is recommended. It has the wherewithal to bring back all possible Outlook data elements and can work beautifully with large PST files. If that was not all, it can even trace out PST files which may not appear in a random windows search.


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