Is the Business Contact Manger in Outlook Easy Enough for Novice Users

As a mini CRM tool,project-manager-meeting-organization the Outlook Business Contact Manager adds a completely new dimension to the email client. Suddenly the application that you used to maintain your email records, including those of your clients can be turned into a starting point for collating your marketing efforts and maintaining client relations. While the feature has over the years received a heartwarming response from professionals, its popularity amongst some of its target audience like small business owners have been mixed. Some users have wondered if the tool was a bit more complex for their taste and have stuck to Excel sheets for maintaining client records and updates. In this article we look at whether an average Outlook user, say a small business owner with limited computing knowledge can use it properly.


Getting Started with the Business Contact Manager

At the very onset you should understand that the Business Contact Manager uses the terminology and jargons associated with a CRM tool. So you need to read a bit about how leads, opportunities and accounts etc are interrelated and familiarize yourself with the dashboard. Next spend some time with the gadgets available in the tool and try entering some demo data and try extracting reports from them. If you are unsure about what you are seeing on the screen you can visit the Welcome centre which can be accessed from the Navigation pane. It includes introductory videos and even links to key article pieces which can help you get on track with this remarkable tool.


Looking for Help

Once you start using the tool, you may feel the need for additional support to help you draw the best results from the Business Contact Manager. Well for everything and anything you should refer to Microsoft Office support site which houses a whole set of data about this powerful feature. Incidentally you can also find several tutorials on the subject on YouTube.


The Verdict

Overall we believe that the Business Contact Manager is a very versatile feature that every small business owner should look to exploit. With little bit of effort, one can use it with ease and there is no stiff learning curve involved in it.


Protecting the Data Stored in Business Contact Manager from Outlook issues

While the Business Contact Manager in itself is a very robust feature, it remains susceptible to the perennial flaw that has always plagued the Outlook application, namely PST errors. In the case the PST file containing the Outlook application data gets corrupted, your Business Contact Manager data too comes at risk. So it is always prudent to keep a pst recovery application like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair handy. The tool can save the day in case of an Outlook crash and bring back all data in a jiffy. It can also prove useful in tracing out PST files if they fail to show up in the Windows explorer.


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