Is Ms Exchange Server Essential for Ms Outlook in a Small Business Environment?

In this article we will try to evaluate if the Ms Exchange Server is critical for running Outlook email clients in a small business environment or a small team.

Is Ms Exchange Server Essential for Ms Outlook in a S

For those of us who use Outlook in a corporate environment, the Exchange Server runs in the background facilitating an array of collaborative features present in Outlook. You can share calendars with your contacts in an Exchange environment, book resources and undertake several other functions that make Outlook a complete team engagement platform. However for a small business, investing in the Microsoft Exchange server can appear as a huge financial outgo. So many small business owners logically ask the question whether using Outlook on their office PCs makes sense. Well the answer is in the affirmative. You can use the Ms Outlook application in your small business without the Exchange server and still experience a host of fantastic email management features.

Create and assign tasks in Outlook

In Outlook you can create tasks and assign them to other members in your team without the Exchange server. When a task is created it would show up on your list and you can keep yourself abreast of the deliverables.

Use the Business Contact Manager Feature to work as a mini CRM

The Business Contact Manager module in Outlook can work without any hassles in the absence of an Exchange server. You can prepare your leads, qualify opportunities and generate reports as per your need.

Use the Export Calendar feature to Sync up schedules

While in an exchange environment, Calendars can be shared and dynamically synched, you can still match calendar entries it in a small business. Use the export and import feature to export calendar entries from your system and let your team members import them. For example if you plan to take review meetings with each your employees, you can set the appointments in your calendar and then export your calendar and mail to all your staff. Once they import the calendar, all important events will be in their sight.

Ignoring PST errors can land you in a serious mess

While using the Outlook client, you may at times notice a PST related error message. Ignoring such a message can prove to be disastrous as PST crashes can technically mess up your emails. So if you ever encounter such a scenario, just invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your compromised data without much ado. The tool is designed to handle an array of storage media and this includes both virtual drives and solid state devices. The tool is quite competent to handle tricky issues involving large PST files and password protected ones with aplomb. In cases where a PST file is difficult to locate or has got moved from its original place, you can use the application to drill down its physical location. Last but not the least; the tool is capable of repairing compromised files which were beyond the capacity of the Inbox Repair Tool to handle.

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