Is it safe to temporarily disable the email scanning feature in your antivirus application while using Ms Outlook

In this article we evaluate if it is safe to work with Ms Outlook when the email scanning feature in your antivirus is turned off.

Is it safe to temporarily disable the email scanning feature in your antivirus application while using Ms Outlook

While using the Outlook application, you may encounter situations where you may have to disable the email scanning feature in your antivirus application. For example your antivirus application may be conflicting with the Outlook email client and you are unable to download emails till you disable the email scan feature. In such situations, you may quite logically wonder if it is safe to use the Outlook application without email scanning enabled. The simple answer to this query is yes; you can use Outlook without email scanning enabled in your antivirus tool and remain safe from malicious content. However you need to consider the points listed below.

Do not click on Attachments that look suspicious and are from non trusted sources

At the very outset you should avoid clicking on attachments that seems suspicious. Also if you have received an attachment in an email from a sender that you do not recognize, simply avoid clicking on it.

Use the Reading Pane in Outlook to browse emails

When you use the reading pane in Outlook, no active content is executed. Thus you are safe from malicious content including phishing links that may be included in your email. In absence of email scanning integration, make it a point to view emails in the reading pane before choosing to open it.

Disabling email scanning in your antivirus does not mean on access scanning has been stopped

When you disable email scanning, it does not stop the on access scanner in your antivirus. So if you happen to open an email attachment that contains a virus, the on access scanner would detect the threat and immediately block it. Email scanning feature only acts as an additional layer of security preventing compromised emails from landing in your inbox. However disabling it is unlikely to cause much grief. In fact many advanced Outlook users tend to disable email scanning as routine as they find it as an impediment in the email sending and downloading process.

Using Preemptive measures to protect the data stored in Ms Outlook

If you are using the Ms Outlook application for your official correspondence, it is likely to store a plethora of important information. From all your emails to contact details of your clients and colleagues to valuable notes, Outlook literally serves as a complete information repository for you. However imagine a situation where your data gets corrupted due to a logical error or a virus attack. If you do not wish to lose your data then you should preemptively act and keep a pst recovery tool like the powerful DataNumen Outlook Repair application installed in your system. In case of a contingency like an Outlook crash, it can immediately get back your data in quick time. The tool can also serve as a maintenance application by breaking a large PST file into parts and can also be used as an e-discovery tool.

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