Is it OK to Disable the Email Scanning option in your antivirus application while using Outlook

Computer virusesemail-scanning are today available in several forms and some of the most virulent ones tend to spread through emails. In fact the data present in Outlook contacts provide them with an easy way to propagate. Given the risk of viruses spreading through emails, most top of the line antivirus tools include an option to scan all incoming emails before they land into the inbox. While this feature does prove useful in stopping malicious emails, it at times can cause strange errors. The Outlook application may conflict with the antivirus tool and in some cases people experience problems with even sending and receiving emails. Naturally a lot of Outlook users wonder is it OK to disable email scanning in their antivirus tool. Well let’s explore this approach in detail.


Disabling Email Scanning is Risk Free as Long as you do not open attachments

An email in by itself in the Outlook mailbox cannot infect your system even if it is carrying a virus payload. Even if you view the email in the Reading pane, nothing untoward would happen. However you should not open attachments contained in emails unless you are sure that they are from a genuine source.


As a Matter of Abundant caution, read emails in plain text format

If you have disabled email scanning, it would make great sense to read emails that you receive in the plain text format. At times some emails in the HTML format can contain phishing links while there may also be embedded images with sinister payloads. To read emails in Plain text format in Outlook you need to follow the steps listed below


  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to Tools
  2. Under Tools click on Options
  3. When the Option screen shows up, visit the Preferences tab
  4. Next in the Preferences tab, under the Email label, click on Email Options
  5. In the next screen, check the option to Read All Standard Mail in Plain Text
  6. Click OK to save the settings


Disabling Email Scanning can in the rarest cases prove risky

In some rare cases, disabling email scanning can prove risky, primarily because an attachment from a trusted source was compromised. Ideally if email scanning is not causing you any issues, you may let it remain in place as a measure of added security.


Recovering your PST data after a virus infection

In case your system has been infected with a virus, the first thing that you need to do is run an antivirus application. Once the virus and all its traces have been wiped out, you should examine if your Outlook data files have been impacted. In the event of incidents of data corruption or unusual errors coming to light, you should use a powerful pst recovery tool like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your data in order. As opposed to other recovery tools, this remarkable application is hardly challenged by the size of the PST file it has to deal with and is equally comfortable in negotiating varied media types.


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