Explore the Interactive Help Feature in Ms Outlook 2016

The Help feature in Ms Outlook 2016 is interactive and a pleasure to use.

Outlook help feature

For those of you who are still curious to know the new and improved features of MS Outlook 2016, here is an insight about the same. Explore the interactive Help Feature in this latest Outlook 2016 version and notice the changes yourself. No matter, how experienced you are working on this vast platform called Outlook, at some point of time; you might need help in some of its items. Perhaps, this is the reason that makes the Help feature not only the much needed but one of the most popular features of MS Outlook. Fortunately, in the latest 2016 update, Outlook has come up with a better and more interactive Help Feature to guide the users when in need. In this article, you will get to learn in depth about the new Help Feature of MS Outlook 2016.

Now, let us reveal what is so special about the new Help Feature of Outlook 2016. Well, first of all, you must note that Help is now referred to as the Tell Me Feature, which is displayed in the form of a Light Bulb Icon right on the Ribbon stating “Tell me what you want to do…”. If you are still not able to make out the difference between Tell Me and the old Help Feature of Outlook, then the difference to note is that the old Help Question Mark has now been replaced by the Light Bulb Icon, which is more interactive and visually clear to the user.

The moment you type anything in the Tell Me Field, Outlook’s Search Engine start finding matching commands for it to present you as the results within a fraction of seconds. For instance, if you type in Tasks, then the Tell Me Feature will list the Tasks defined by you in Outlook at any time of moment. It is also to be noted that there is still a Get Help Link displayed in this latest version as well and clicking it will open the old familiar Help Viewer for the user. Apart from this, there is a Smart Lookup that links to Microsoft’s own Bing Search Engine to help you search for anytime you wish to search on the net while working on MS Outlook.

The moment you click on the Get Help Link, you will get displayed a list of links marked in blue text to match most of your queries in Outlook. You may even access the Help Feature through the File Menu that appears on the top right hand corner. Alternatively, you may even press F1 Function Key to open up the Help Viewer Window within Outlook. For an easier access, users can also add on a Help Shortcut on the Quick Access Toolbar by going to File Tab and then to the Options and selecting Choose Commands from under Quick Access Toolbar. Make sure to select the Help Option from the list displaying All Commands. Finally, click on Add and include Help followed by clicking on Ok.

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