Integrating Google Hangout with Ms Outlook

In the corporate world, comment-installer-et-utiliser-le-plugin-google-hangouts-pour-microsoft-outlook-1Microsoft and Google are bitter rivals across different product lines and service offerings. However as customers we can hardly do without either of their offerings. Now in recent years the Google Hangout platform has leaped into popular imagination by providing high quality video chat feature that supports multiple users. As with every product, corporate users seem to have a reluctance to learn or use different applications and hence most of them prefer to use Ms Outlook for interacting with others. Given the scenario, Google has rolled out the hangout plug-in for Ms Outlook that can integrate the conferencing features right within the Outlook interface.


Working with Hangouts Plug-in for Outlook email client

To start with you need to download the plug-in from Google and then install it. Once installed you would notice two distinct buttons appearing in the Ribbon interface. One of these buttons is for making a scheduled call while the other is for unscheduled calls.

Now if you are looking to schedule a hangout the process is extremely easy. Just click on the Schedule a hangout icon and then go ahead and create a meeting which details of the Hangout call. Once created, you will find the rules for sending out an invite to external participants to differ from internal participants. From inside Outlook, one can go ahead and change the settings for the video call if needed. Again if you are looking to join a video conference you would have to click on the invitation link.


Advantages of Using Hangouts from Outlook

For an Outlook user the convenience of calling up his contacts or sending them invites through Hangout for a video conference is a nifty advantage. Since your contact list plus other conversations are already present in Outlook, working on video conference through Outlook allows you keep a whole set of relevant data reachable in few seconds. Interestingly with this plug-in you do not even have to bother signing up for Google Apps for scheduling calls and join calls using Google’s product, chrome box for meetings. However without an account it would not be possible to join calls over a web browser.


An Outlook crash can compromise a plethora of Outlook data elements

Some Outlook users remain under the misplaced belief that an Outlook crash can at best compromise their emails while their contact or journal data would remain intact. Unfortunately this is not the case and all Outlook data elements can be potentially at risk if the underlying PST file structure is corrupted. Hence it is advisable for users to get hold of a robust pst repair application like the much vaunted Datanumen Outlook Repair to get back your data. Counted amongst the fastest application in its class, the application can work on virtually every media type and tackle large PST files even if they run into many gigabytes. Also it can be used find misplaced PST files in quick time


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