Insight into Data Recovery

In this article, we will introduce about data recovery which is of utmost importance because data disaster cannot be avoided in computer industry.


Since computer appeared and becomes increasingly popular at these days, we can easily store and maintain our important files containing a lot of data. While with various software applications and more complicated computer designs for pursuit of computer age, some errors often occur to these files so that data may also get corrupted. Encountering this situation, users will find that data recovery plays an important role.

Reasons for Data Disaster

Speaking of data recovery, we need to know some main factors which cause data corruption and loss of data, which we called collectively as Data Disaster. For instance, incorrect manipulation, force majeure risks such as natural disaster, several defects of windows system or applications, hardware failure and damages by hackers or viruses all may result in big losses.

Faced with frustrating data disaster, users should at first judge out the reasons, whether physical reasons or logical reasons, namely hardware corruption or system problems. To the two kinds of reasons, data recovery could be handled in two types of solutions.

Solutions of Data Recovery

(1)Hardware Damage

If data disaster is caused by physical reasons such as hardware damage resulted by strike or other ways, then it may be a better choice for users to find a computer repair shop to check the hardware and figure out which components have been damaged. And then take corresponding solutions, for example, change interface, circuit board or head assemblies and so on. This aspect involves in specific device repair.

(2)Logical Problems

For data disasters caused by logical problems, they can also be classified into two categories, i.e. disk data recovery and file recovery.

  • Disk Data Recovery

Disk data recovery can also be considered as file system recovery as well. In this situation, the files to be recovered do not exist any more. Sometimes, even the whole file system is gone. Towards this problem, scanning the different disk partitions, and even the whole disk, to make deep data recovery is required.

  • File Recovery

When it comes to file recovery, it usually means that the file exists in a normal manner, and could be moved, copied and deleted too. But you can’t open it owing to damage in its interior data and data structures. For instance, you open and edit a Word document when it is still in your Flash Drive.

After you finish the document, but directly take out Flash drive without saving, file data may be lost. When this occurs, it is time to utilize a kind of repair software, like DataNumen Word Repair application. It can analyze and examine your editing log and related file details so as to help you recover some information and data of your original document, which may be a good choice for word recovery. It can analyze and examine your corrupted document file, then recover maximum data from it, and save them into an error-free new file.

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