How to Insert Pictures into Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

It is easy to insert pictures into Excel worksheets. In this article, we will show you how to embed pictures into cells.

In general, you cannot insert an image into a cell directly. But with additional settings, the image can stay in the designated cell.

Insert Pictures into Worksheets

Here we will demonstrate the steps to insert an image into the worksheet.

  1. Click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  2. Next click the button “Picture” in the toolbar.Click Picture
  3. In the “Insert Picture” window, choose the image that you need.
  4. And then click the button “Insert”.Inset the Picture

Thus, you have inserted the image into the worksheet.

The Image in Worksheet

Keep the Image in a Cell

Now follow the steps below and make the image stay in the cell. In this example, suppose we need to put the picture in cell A1.

  1. Right click the image.
  2. And then in the new menu, choose the last option “Format Picture”.Format Picture
  3. In the “Format Picture” window, select the option “Properties” on the left.
  4. And then in the “Object positioning” area, choose the first option “Move and size with cells”.Change Properties
  5. After that, click the button “Close” to close the window.
  6. Now move the image to the position of the cell A1.
  7. And then resize the image to make it fit the size of cell A1. If you find that the size of the cell is too small to manipulate, you can also change the size of A1. You can refer to the image below to see the result.Image in Cells

Now you have finished all the settings. The image is in the designated cell. When you change the size of the cell, the image size will also change synchronously. For example, now we change the size of cell A1 into the default size. The column width is 8.43 and the row height is 15. The image size will also change accordingly.The Result

Therefore, if the next time you need to insert pictures into cells, you can also use this method.

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