Insert a Signature Manually in Outlook

In this article we look at inserting a custom signature in the emails you compose in Ms Outlook.

Insert a Signature Manually in Outlook

Are you one of those people who wish to add a personalized touch in all their communications to leave that everlasting impact? Then, the Signature Feature of MS Outlook is meant just for you. As the name suggests, Signature allows you to compose personalized signatures for all your email messages that you send and it can be done in form of a logo, electronic business card, text, image or an image. Read on to learn how to insert signature manually in MS Outlook.

After describing what actually the Signature Feature does in Outlook, it is now our turn to describe how to use it. You will first of all need to compose a new message and open the Message Tab and go to the Include Group. There you will see an option called Signature just click on it and select the Email Signature Tab under it and then the New Tab. Once this is done, you will be required to type a name as signature and finally click on Ok. By choosing the Edit Signature Box, you can easily type any text that you wish to display in your signature.

The best thing worth mentioning about the Signature Feature is that you are allowed to use different formats as signatures. First of all, there is the Plain Text Format that is supported by all the email applications. However, it will not support italic, bold or colored fonts. Then, there is RTF or Rich Text Format that is usually used for sending messages inside the organization in link with a MS Exchange Server. It supports bullets, linked objects, alignments and text formatting. Lastly, there is an HTML Format that supports all the fonts, colors and even bullet lists.

For people who wish to add something interesting apart from the boring text signatures, there are more options. Like we mentioned earlier, you can add Electronic Business Card by simply clicking the Business Card and then selecting a contact from the Filed As Option List and finally clicking Ok. If you are creative enough and wish to display it too in your signature, then you can add an Image by clicking on the Picture Button and browsing a picture and selecting it followed with a click on Ok. In case, you wish to add a Hyperlink in your signature, you can just choose the Insert Hyperlink Option and browse to a particular hyperlink and select it followed with a click on the Ok.

One very important thing that needs to be understood is that you can either choose to set a signature that will be sent automatically or manually. In order to Insert a Signature Manually in Outlook, you will have to open a New Message and choose the Message Tab and go to the Include Group. After this select the Signature Option and select the type of signature you wish to add in your email.

A useful tip worth keeping in mind when adding signatures in MS Outlook is that you are allowed to add only one signature in an email message. In other words, multiple signatures are not allowed in a single email.

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