Innovative ways to Block Spam Emails in Outlook

In this article we would look at several ways to block junk emails in Outlook, besides the usual spam filter.

Innovative ways to Block Spam Emails in Outlook
It has been noted that when we create a mailbox, we are gifted with a number of unwanted emails that are not only annoying but can also be malicious at the same time. Even if the nature of some of these emails is not to introduce spam in your mailbox, they are mostly considered as spam emails. Whatever, the reason be, these unwanted emails are best to be blocked and for this MS Outlook provides you with some easy ways. Read on to acquaint yourself with the Spam Feature of Outlook.
To keep your Outlook mailbox safe and secure, you can use not one but many different ways to block spam. Firstly, make a habit of using the Block Sender List Option on a regular basis. This is a feature under the Spam Filter that allows you to add a list of senders under a blocked list. To enable this feature, you just need to choose the spam email and do a right click. Then, select the Junk Option available in the drop down menu and click on the Block Sender.
Secondly, use the Create Rule in MS Outlook for a better email management. Outlook does provide you with the power of creating rules for moving, sorting the email messages and much more. To use this feature, all you need is to do is choose the Rules Option from the Home Page and then select the Create Rule Option, where you can easily define your rules of subject, sent to and from to receive safe email messages.
Thirdly, it is advisable to Check your Spam or Junk Folder Frequently to block phishing and spam websites. This step becomes all the more important, when you are missing some important email messages from a company or contact because chances are high that it could have arrived in your spam folder by mistake. In case, a message is dropped in the spam folder by mistake, then you can easily choose the option to mark it as not spam or drag it straight away in the inbox.
Apart from using the Spam Filter in Outlook, here are some tips that can be used to avoid spam. Firstly, you must avoid posting your email address in newsgroup, public forum or websites because these email addresses are searched and used for sending spam emails. Secondly, don’t waste time in responding to spam in your mailbox because by doing so you are inviting virus in your device. Thirdly, never open attachments that come in spam emails and also don’t click on the hyperlinks mentioned in those mails. Fourthly, don’t do the mistake of mentioning your email ID on online directories and online guest books. Lastly, don’t even try to unsubscribe from a list of spam, let them come but don’t respond.
While we attempt to fight spam, we must also realize that no matter how much we dream of a spam free inbox, spam is here to be part of our mailboxes for a long time. So the best approach involves trying out a variety of options as mentioned above to proactively prevent spam from reaching our mailbox.
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