Innovative Ideas to Sort and Manage your Emails

For most Outlook users, Sort out your Important emails using Gmail Priority Inboxthe number of emails landing into their mailbox, every passing day, is a matter of great worry. Not only do a large number of emails in the Inbox make it bloated and prone to crashes, it also makes searches go on for countless minutes. Thus sorting the emails in your Inbox should be a priority and in this article we would look at some innovative tips to achieve the same.


Create Folders and Subfolders

At the very outset you should create folders for different regular projects or activities around which you receive emails. Again you can also consider creating subfolders to further classify the emails for quick access. For example if you have three projects running for a specific client, you can create a master folder with client name while three subfolders, each named after the project is created to organize the emails.


Use Rules to Send Emails Automatically to their Folders

With Outlook Rules you can quickly get fresh emails to be transferred to the folder created to hold such emails based on the filtering criteria that you have specified. In case you wish to sort the existing emails, create Quick Steps in Outlook and apply them on individual emails with a hotkey.


Use Color Codes to Group Similar Emails

Often you would have a set of important emails that you would wish to access instantly. Ideally such emails should color coded for immediate recognition. Typically this achieved with the help of categories. If possible you can bunch together all such emails in a single folder.


Dealing with Emails that are waiting to be worked upon

Some individuals seem to keep a whole bunch of emails in their mailbox with the hope that they work on them, say reply or extract some data from them, at a later date. However over time, some emails are missed out and they end up sitting idle in the Inbox. A good way to negotiate such emails involves using a flag to serve as reminder. Better still consider the idea of including an explicit reminder alert with a specific date so Outlook can prompt you to take action.


Take the Benefit of Conversation View in recent Outlook Editions

For those of you who have Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010, enabling conversation view can drastically cut down the clutter in your mailbox. It is far easier to transfer a conversation group rather than individual emails into a separate folder.


Your Entire Email Repository can be at Risk in case of an Outlook Crash

An Outlook application crash can become a huge nightmare if you do not regularly backup your emails. In one go your entire email repository can be compromised and even your valuable contact data too may be lost. To recover from such a situation you need a powerful pst repair utility like DataNumen Outlook Repair to bring back the missing data. Powered by a highly sophisticated recovery algorithm this brilliant tool can negotiate extremely large PST files with finesse while being equally effective against all media types.


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