Incorporating Calendars from the Internet into Outlook

As a regular Outlook user you must be free-printable-calendars-2014very familiar with the calendar feature in Ms Outlook. It allows you to prepare schedules, keep a track of important events and appointments and essentially showcases what you need to take up in the coming days. However very few Outlook users are aware of the fact that you can embed a third party calendar from the internet right into your email client. For example if you plan to follow the next Wimbledon tournament, you can go its official site and integrate the game schedule calendar right into your Outlook application. The flexibility to incorporate third party calendars can prove to be rather beneficial when you are looking to participate with your team in long trade event spread over days and everyone needs to sync their schedules as per the planned activities. Now let’s look at how you can incorporate a calendar from the internet into Outlook


Steps to Include Calendars from Internet into Outlook

One of the first things that you need to note before trying to incorporate any calendar into Outlook is the format in which the calendar is present. There are specific sites that offer calendars in a format that suits your Outlook application. Incidentally a number sports news channels including sky sports and other third party sites provide the feature. Once you have found the relevant site by running a Google search, please follow the steps below to include the calendar

  1. To start with you need to go to the Calendar tab in Outlook
  2. Next click on the Open Calendar option in the top interface
  3. In the subsequent options, choose Internet
  4. Now you will get the place to enter the URL of calendar. Copy and paste the URL that you have previously discovered in the field titled New Internet Calendar – Subscription.
  5. Once done click on Ok to complete the process

The Outlook application will dynamically download and update the schedules on an ongoing basis. Incidentally for Wimbledon many sites offer calendars that can be synched with not only Outlook but a host of other applications such as iCal.


Do not let your calendars go away in an Outlook crash

An Outlook crash that involves the corruption of PST files can compromise all your Outlook data. In other words not just your emails but your Outlook calendars which contains appointment details and schedules can be at risk. So if you ever encounter an Outlook crash it would be prudent on your part to get hold of a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It is capable of recovering your Outlook calendar data in perfect shape along with all your email and in quick time. Moreover even if you ever experience a situation where your backup Outlook files stored on an optical media has got compromised, this versatile application can come to rescue. It can handle nearly any media storage type with equal dexterity and is not constrained by the size of the corrupted PST file at hand.


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