How to Include the Task Bodies when Printing a List of Tasks in Outlook

If you want to print the task list in Outlook, you will discover that the task bodies won’t be included. This article will look at this issue and help you include the task bodies when printing task list.

By default, when you print an Outlook task, the task will be printed in Memo style. This style will include not only the task header, namely the task subject, time, etc., but also the task item body – task details. However, if you intend to print the task list, Outlook will use the Table Style automatically. In this style, task details won’t be printed out. Of course, there is still a workaround to include the details when printing the task list. Read on to learn its elaborate operations.

Include the Task Bodies when Printing a List of Tasks

  1. At the very outset, you ought to start Outlook and head to the “Tasks” pane.
  2. Then open the source Outlook Task folder.
  3. Next switch to the “View” tab and click on the “Change View” button.
  4. From the popup drop down list, you should activate the “Detailed” view.Switch to Detailed View
  5. Subsequently, you can click on the “View Settings” button next to the “Change View”.
  6. After that, a new “Advanced View Settings: Detailed” dialog box will arise. In it, you should press the “Columns” button.
  7. Later another dialog box will turn up.
  • You should find and pitch on “Notes” column in the “Available columns” list.
  • Then hit “Add” button in center.
  • Next optionally, you can use “Move Up” and “Move Down” to adjust the column order.
  • Lastly click a series of “OK” button until all the dialog boxes are closed.Add Notes Column
  1. After that, you will get back to your Task list. You will see that the task details – task item body have automatically displayed in the “Notes” column.Task List with Task Bodies in Notes Column

Notes: If the details are too long to be visible, you can adjust the column width by putting the cursor between two columns and then dragging mouse to left or right as per your needs.

  1. Finally you can turn to “File” menu and shift to “Print” tab. Then in “Settings” box, select “Table Style” and ultimately hit “Print” button to print the task list with the task item body.Include the Task Bodies when Printing a List of Tasks

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