Inbox Repair Tool Keeps Showing Up Error Messages Even After a Repair

In theoutlook-repair-support computing world, occurrence of strange issues is hardly rare. In fact many experienced computer users have encountered bewildering issues and error messages while working on their Windows systems. The Outlook application also has to its credit a plethora or error messages that may at times appear confusing. Now imagine a situation where you have run the Microsoft’s Inbox Repair tool on a PST file to repair any issues associated with it. After it completes the scan it may in some rare cases keep popping up error messages mentioning that file that it just scanned and repaired completely has an error. In such a situation you are likely to become dumbfounded and wonder what really happened. Well the cause behind the issue lies in the inherent flaws present in the Inbox Repair Tool. At times it may not be able to successfully repair a file and yet mention the process as complete. Moments later it starts a rescan and points out the error. In an alternate scenario, it may mention the possibility of an error where no error actually exists in the underlying PST file. Now if you have encountered such a situation perform the steps listed below to resolve the issue.


Start with Backing up your PST File

In most cases when you encounter such an issue, you are likely to have access to the PST file. In other words your Outlook application may still be working and you can work with the data. So the best course ahead would be to back up the data file using the Export option and save it at a different place.


Reinstall Outlook and Import the Backed up file and Run a Fresh Scan

The next stage involves reinstalling the application and then importing back the PST file. Once your PST file has been imported, close the Outlook application and use the Inbox Repair tool to run a fresh scan. If no errors are mentioned then the issue has been resolved.


Run a Specialized Recovery Tool if the Issue Persists

If after following the steps mentioned above, you still experience any issue with the said PST file, then you need to run a specialized pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. This powerful tool can recover all the contents and create a fresh PST file free from any errors which you can then import in a new installation of Outlook. Moreover if you wish you can break a large file into smaller parts if you suspect the size of the file behind the error messages that you have been receiving. Again you may also use this proficient software to backup the recovered file on a network drive with ease. Incidentally if you are dealing with several corrupted PST files at once, this tool is just the perfect batch recovery utility you need.


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