In Outlook 2016 you can look forward to a clutter free Inbox

Outlook 2016 is here it offers you the chance to have a clutter free Inbox with ease

In Outlook 2016 you can look forward to a clutter free Inbox

By now, many of you might have mastered the art of using and working on MS Outlook 2013 or its earlier versions. But, now comes the latest 2016 MS Outlook version packed with all new features coupled with a lot of improvements. Don’t worry, this latest version carries forward almost all the old features but in addition it will offer some really useful features too. The best thing to look forward in the 2016 version is the clutter free inbox like never before. Up till now, you have been using the Junk Folder to de clutter your mailbox, but now you can enjoy an additional folder called the Clutter Folder to sort your mailbox in a better way. Read on to know in detail about the Clutter Folder of Outlook 2016.

Yes, it’s true that the Junk Folder came in to existence a couple of years ago and people have already got used to using it mainly to check spam and unwanted email messages. Microsoft went a step forward this time by introducing the Clutter Folder in Outlook 2016. As soon as you upgrade to this latest version of Outlook, you will receive a message providing you complete in depth information about not just the Clutter Folder but all the other new features of Outlook 2016.

Now, if you are wondering that how is the Clutter Folder different from the Junk Folder, then here we go acquainting you with the major difference between the two. Well, the Clutter Folder has the power to determine the messages with low priority depending on their behavior, which is not the case in the Junk Folder, whereas in the Junk Folder you have to set the settings depending on which a message is dumped in the Junk Folder.

It is to be noted that once a message gets dumped in the Clutter Folder, it can be checked out for content and can also be easily moved back to the main inbox anytime. It is basically based on the email server that helps in tracking the emails that you usually read and the ones you usually ignore to read at all. Please bear in mind that the moment you turn on Outlook, the Clutter Folder automatically gets active and starts working as soon as any email arrives. However, the choice lies solely in your hand to turn it off when you don’t feel the need to use it.

Expectations are high from the newly launched Clutter Folder in MS Outlook 2016, as it has a high capability to filter out low priority email messages, thereby saving not just your time but saving your system from getting infected by virus infection. Experts feel the more often you will use the Clutter Folder, the better and efficient it will become by observing your email tracking behavior. So, don’t hesitate checking out this new feature in Outlook 2016, just try it once and see the difference by enjoying a clutter free inbox.

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