Improving Productivity is the buzzword today – Start with in Ms Outlook

In this article we look at several productivity tips which we can utilize while working on Ms Outlook

Improving Productivity is the buzzword today - Start with in Ms Outlook

If MS Outlook is an integral part of your professional life, then it becomes very essential to know how to use it in the best possible way to improve your overall productivity. You might be somehow managing to work on Outlook with someone’s help or on your own but just imagine what will be the result if you get the hang of how to use MS Outlook in a more efficient way? Let’s look at some handy productivity tips that are not only quick but also easy to implement in your day to day working on MS Outlook, no matter which version of Outlook you are using.

  1. Plan For Future Message Delivery: It might happen that in office you get hold of an important news that you don’t feel like sharing with others immediately but surely in near future, then it would be best to plan for a future message delivery. In other words, try to act smart by writing your email message with all the details but don’t send it immediately, instead use the option of Delay Delivery under the Options Tab in your Mailbox. Just choose the specific date before which you don’t want to deliver the message under the option mentioning “Do Not Deliver Message Before”.
  1. Sort Messages by Grouping: Another useful tip for MS Outlook users is to sort the email messages by using the technique of grouping. If you use Outlook professionally, then you might be obviously receiving tons of messages on a daily basis and sorting them might be a difficult task for you, so why not use Outlook itself to group messages in conversations. For this, just go to the View Tab and choose the option of Show As Conversations and after that select Arrange By Option and mention your specific need for grouping the messages.
  1. SMS Within Outlook: Why waste time in copying information from Outlook to your phone to send it as an SMS to someone, when you can easily use the option to cut down your emails in SMS messages that can be directly send to your important contacts. For this, however, you will be required to register with a third party service for messaging. Just choose the New Items Dropdown Menu from the Home Tab and after this pick the Text Message Option and open the Find A Text Messaging Service Option.
  1. Automatic Removal of Unwanted Messages: Try to make your mailbox clutter free by just using the Clean Up Tool in Outlook. Through, this tool you can easily analyze your email conversations and remove all the unwanted messages. To use it just choose the Clean Up Tool from the Home Tab and as per your requirement choose to clean up a whole conversation folder or a single folder.

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