Improve your productivity with the Message Preview Option in Ms Outlook 2013

In Outlook 2013 the message preview option is introduced and it scores high on user friendliness

Improve your productivity with the Message Preview Option in Ms Outlook 2013
Are you tired of opening each and every email in your mailbox to check the message contained in it? Then, you must try out the new MS Outlook 2013 with innovative features like a jazzed up Message Preview that have been incorporated to make life easy for you. Gone are the days, when you were just informed about the subject line and the sender’s name for your emails and you had to actually open each mail to read the content in it. You can now thank the Message Preview feature that enables you to read the initial two to three lines of the message from your emails without even opening them. The best thing about Message Preview feature is that is straight away gives you an idea of which mail is worth opening and checking out and which is not. This is not all, you can even reply to the mail without opening it.
Now, let us throw some light on how this revolutionary new feature of MS Outlook 2013 works. All you need is to turn on the Reading Pane that is present on the main View menu. Reading Pane is the place in MS Outlook Mailbox that will display the initial two to three line content of every mail. Moreover, it allows you to even open the attachments in the mail; you can easily do it by just following a hyperlink. The whole information gets displayed in the InfoBar, depending on which, you can then reply to various meeting requests or other information. However, the Attachment Preview option is available only for messages in HTML format or in plain text and not for the RTF or Rich Text Format.
MS Outlook gives you the option to try its AutoPreview feature that enables you to preview any of your mail folders, be it the main Inbox, Draft Folder or the Sent Items Folder. However, make sure to turn on the AutoPreview feature for all the folders. In order to preview the first two to three lines of any unread message, you just have to go to the main View Menu, then you will have to choose the Current View Option and by clicking the Customize Current View, you will get an option with Preview Unread Items.
We can safely say that if MS Outlook is an integral part of your official life, then you must try out the latest 2013 version that comes with the Message Preview Feature. By doing so, you will not only save a lot of time but will ease off your life by eliminating unwanted mails and only checking out the important ones.
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