How to Improve Your Work Efficiency via Outlook Templates

If you often need to write the emails containing the same contents, why don’t you create Outlook templates? In this article, we will discuss about how to create Outlook templates and how to access them.

I’m participating in an email outreach campaign of our company. Therefore, I’m required to individually send the emails which contain the same contents but different recipients to our clients. Initially, I created a word document that included the unified content. Every time I needed to send the emails, I would open the document and copied the contents to the message body, which did occupy a great deal of my time. My colleague discovered my sufferings, and then recommended a good approach, namely utilizing Outlook templates. Unquestionably, this method does improve my work efficiency greatly. Now I will share it here for your reference.

Create Outlook Templates

  1. To start with, create a new email by clicking “New Email” in “Home” ribbon.
  2. In the New Message window, you can type the email content as usual, for example, subject, message body and follow up settings, and so on.
  3. Then click “File” in the upper left corner. And select “Save As “option.Save As
  4. Next in the new popup window, you should assign a name to it, and choose “Outlook Template” in “Save as type” field. You can use the default saving location, or alternatively change it to your likings. Click “Save” to create this Outlook template.Save Outlook Template

After creating the template, we will proceed to learn how to utilize it, which need resort to Outlook Developer.

Use Outlook Templates

  1. For a start, you should switch from “Home” tab to “Developer” tab.
  2. Then under “Developer” tab, you can see the “Choose Form” button. If you cannot find it, you can head to “Outlook Options” > “Customize Ribbon” to add the “Choose Form” command to “Developer” tab. Click on this button, which will bring out a new dialog box.Choose Form
  3. Next in “Look In” field, you should choose “User Templates in File System”. Then Outlook will search out the templates in the default template saving location.User Templates in File System

Note: But if you’ve saved the templates in custom location, you need to click “Browse” button to find the target template.

  1. After finding the template, you can directly click the “Open” button at bottom. Outlook will open a new message at once, which uses the template contents entirely.Open the Template

Once open the template, you can re-edit the message in accordance with your needs. It is apparent that utilizing Outlook templates can help you save time if you are frequently required to write the same email contents.

Don’t Panic in the Event of Outlook Crashes

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