How to Improve Your Efficiency via Fill Series Feature in Excel

Excel can serve as a very good helper in our work. And here we will discuss about the fill series features.

In the process of using Excel, you may probably apply the fill features in certain row or columns. This is indeed a very practical feature in Excel. In addition, it has some other usage that can also help you finish some tasks. And now we will discuss about the fill series features in detail.

Fill Series Feature

Suppose you need to record the monthly sales volume in Excel. And you want to input the date into the cell beforehand. Thus, the next time, you only need to input numbers.An Example for Fill Series

  1. Input the first date in the cell.
  2. Click the right bottom corner of the cell and then drag it downwards.Drag the Mouse
  3. Next release your mouse. And the date will be in the cells. The default fill value for date is 1 day. So the date in cells in incremented day by day. Thus, next we will change the step.
  4. After that, you will see a small button on the left of the column. Click it and you will see a new menu.Choose in This Menu
  5. And then choose the target option that you need. If you choose “Fill Months”, you will see that the date increment is a month.A Month of Increment

Specify the Length

And if you want to record in a certain period, you can also follow the steps below.

  1. Repeat the first 3 steps in the former part.
  2. Now click the button “Fill” in the ribbon.Click Series
  3. And then in the menu, click the option “Series”.
  4. In the series window, you will see that the type is “Date”. Excel will automatically identify the text that you input. And here you need to choose the “Date unit” and the “Step value” according to your need. Here we input 7 into it.Set Series
  5. And then click “OK”. Thus, the date in the cell will increase every 7 days.Increase Every 7 Days

Except for date value, you can also input other numbers and use the fill series feature. In your actual work, it can be very convenient.

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