How to Improve Your Efficiency by Saving Frequently Used Lists in Excel

Excel can be a very useful tool for storing and editing data and information. Its big capacity allows you to input a lot of information in it. In addition, in this article we will talk about customizing lists according to you need to improve your efficiency.

The Microsoft has input many economic features in Excel. And there exists a very convenient feature in Excel, which can improve your work efficiency more than twice. This is exactly what we will introduce today. The feature of customizing lists can be applied into many areas, such as the often used products names. In the image, you can see that there are the name of some products and their sales volume.An Example Customize Lists

In the next season, you still need to input the name of those products. Copy and paste is the most common way to accomplish this. But using customizing lists can be more convenient. And follow us and see how it works.

Customize Lists

  1. Click the “File” on the ribbon.
  2. And then click “Options”.Open the Excel Options
  3. Now you will see the new window. And click the button of “Advance”.
  4. In the new interface, drag the scroll bar until you see the part of “General”.Scroll to the General Part
  5. Thus, in this part, click the button “Edit Custom Lists”. And the window of “Custom Lists” will pop up.
  6. Now it comes to adding lists. There are two different ways.

If the products names have already been input in the worksheet, you can input the area into the small text box. And then click the button “Import” on the right.Import the List

Else, you can also manually input the names into the big text box. You need to use the comma or press the key “Enter” to separate the names.Manually Input Names

And then click “Add” on the left.

  1. Now click the button “OK” to import the lists.
  2. Now you come back to the worksheet. And you can test if you have the right setting. Click a blank cell. And make sure that the following cells in the same lists are also blank.
  3. Input the first name “apple”.
  4. Put your mouse to the bottom right corner of the cell. When you see the shape “+”, drag your mouse. And then the cells will automatically fill with the following products names.Drag Your Mouse

Thus, the next time you need to use this list, you only need to input the first name into the cell. And if you will never use this list, you can also delete it in the “Custom Lists” window.

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