How to Improve Your Efficiency by Creating Shortcuts of Long Phrases

To assign an abbreviation to the frequently used texts, you can add them to the AutoCorrect list in your Word. In this article, we will introduce how to achieve it via AutoCorrect feature in Word.  

When we use Word to edit a document, we may need to type certain words repeatedly. To input texts correctly and quickly, you can use AutoCorrect as a shortcut, which means you can just type a small string of characters, and then Word will automatically replace those characters with a longer string. For example, if you need to repeatedly type the name Robert Gibson from United State, you might modify the AutoCorrect list, to use a shortcut phrase RGUS to replace it. This article will mainly mention how to insert frequently used text to your AutoCorrect list.

Add a Text Entry to Your AutoCorrect list

  1. Switch to “File” page and click “Options”.Click “Options”
  1. In the subsequent pop up window, click “Proofing” tab, and then click “AutoCorrect Options”.Click “AutoCorrect Options”
  1. A dialogue box appears, under “AutoCorrect” page, input the word you want to be replaced in “Replace:” box, and input the word you want to replace with in “With:” box. An important point to be noted here is to avoid using a common word to name an AutoCorrect entry. For example “it” is not a good shortcut for “Information Technology”. For it will require too much effort to revert each auto correction of common Word back. And then click “Add” button.Input the word you want to replace with
  1. Now we can see that it has been added to the autocorrect list. And then click “OK”. When you press “Enter”, Word will replace “GBUS” with “Robert Gibson from United State” automatically.Add to the autocorrect list

How to Revert Auto Correction of Texts

Since Word automatically conducts replacement every time you type something in the autocorrect list. Sometimes, however, you may want to revert the auto corrections. There is a simple way to do that as is show below.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow after the auto correction is done.Click the drop-down arrow
  2. In the drop down list, select “Change back to ‘RGUS’ ”.Select “Change back to ‘RGUS’ ”

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