How to Import Data from Other Excel Worksheets

The worksheets in Excel will have deep relation with each other. And now we will demonstrate how to import data from other worksheets.

The multiple worksheets in Excel will work together to help you solve your problem. And you can also built connection through importing data from other sheets. In this image below, you can see that this is the worksheet of sales volume of different sales representative.An Example for Import Data

Now you need to import the sales volume of “DataNumen Excel Repair” to another worksheet. Except for using formulas and the method of copy and paste, you can also follow the steps below.

Import Data

  1. Click the target cell where you want to put the data in.
  2. Then click the “Data” tab in the ribbon.
  3. Next click “From Other Sources”.From Microsoft Query
  4. And in the drop-down menu, click the option “From Microsoft Query”.
  5. In the “Choose Data Source” window, choose the option “Excel Files”.Choose Excel Files
  6. Next click “OK”.
  7. And then in the “Select Workbook” window, select the target workbook. Here you need to import data from the sheet in the same workbook, so choose the same file.Choose the File
  8. Next click “OK”.
  9. And then you can see the “Query Wizard”. Click the button “Options”.
  10. In the “Table Options” window, check the option “System Tables”.System Tables
  11. Click “OK”.
  12. Now in the area of “Available tables and columns” area, expand the sheet that contains the source data.Choose Columns
  13. And then choose the target column and import to query.
  14. After that, click “Next”.
  15. In the “Filter Data” window, set the criteria of rows if you need. And then click “OK”.Set Row Criteria
  16. If you want to sort the data, you can also set in the “Sort Order” window. Then click “Next”.Sort Order
  17. Click “Finish” in the last window.Finish
  18. And then you will see the window of “Import Data”. Choose the type that you want to view. Here we choose “Table”.Import Data
  19. Last click “OK”. Thus, the data and information will all import into the target area.The Result

You can see that this method give you a lot of flexibility to arrange data. Therefore, the next time, you may try this method in your worksheet.

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