Why Hybrid Hard Drive Is a Better Choice for Data Storage?

In general, when we choose a data storage medium, traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive will cross our minds in the first place. Actually hybrid hard drive is also a good option. This article will look at this type of drive and expose why it is a better choice for data storage.

Generally speaking, the two types of hard drives, which we are most familiar with, are the traditional hard disk drive and solid state drive. With accordance to our previous article – “7 Differences between Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive”, you can learn that both of them have their own pros and cons. Hence, here comes a kind of drive called as “hybrid hard drive”, which is just a magnetic hard drive which contains a small amount of solid state memory. So it gets the advantages of both the mechanical drive and solid state drive.

Hybrid Hard Drive

However, even so, it doesn’t mean that your data stored in a hybrid hard drive is more secure and immune from corruption. Thereby, you still should back up your critical data. For instance, if you have some PST files that contain important client information stored on the drive, you will need back up the files to another device, so that you can retrieve corrupt PST data when the drive fails. All in all, you still should keep cautious when handling data on the hybrid hard drive.

Get the Advantages of Both HDD and SSD

As you know, solid state drive works much faster than the traditional mechanical drive. But solid state drive with large storage, above 240 GB, is pretty expensive. In comparison, hard disk drive may be slower, but you can purchase a very large storage capacity at a low price.

In the past, users, who want to obtain the advantages of them, will install both a solid state drive and a hard disk drive in the computer. However, fact proved that it’s difficult to manage the two drives and control the data on them. Also, if you only have one drive bay in your computer, you cannot install two drives. Thereby, in response to this requirement, the hybrid hard drive comes into being.

Why Select a Hybrid Hard Drive?

1. Price and Storage Capacity

Since a hybrid hard drive only contains a smaller amount of solid state storage, it is cheaper than the solid state drive. Of course, it must be more expensive than a mechanical drive with the same storage capacity. For example, a 2 TB hard drive with a 10 GB solid state storage must be expensive than a 2 TB mechanical drive, but much cheaper than a solid state drive with only 250 GB.

2. Speed and Performance

As a hybrid hard drive contains a certain amount of solid state storage, it must be able to work much faster than a mechanical drive. It will store all your computer system and program files in the solid state storage so that you can get access to these files at solid-state speed. Generally, a hybrid hard drive performs as slowly as the traditional hard disk drive in that there is no cached file saved in its solid-state memory. But over time, with more and more cached files saved, it will work more and more quickly.

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